Monday, March 14, 2011


Let's look at the big picture here. If you are eating the way I suggest you to then you will be eating 6 times a day, 7 times a week. That comes out to 42 total meals a week. Now do you have to eat perfectly every single time? Yes. Just kidding. No. If you were to eat 37 meals on point but slipped up just a bit on 5 of them, you would be doing just fine. The closer you get to a perfect 42 for 42, the quicker you will see those last few inches drop from your waist...and that annoying pudge finally turn into a firm, flat stomach that annoys your friends. The whole idea is this. Take these meal plans and use them as either a nutrition bible, where you follow every single meal to the letter, day by day, if that is what you feel will get you on track and ensure your success. If you instead are looking for just "guideline" for how to eat and have been unsure on how to structure your meals (either in food choices or meal timing), then let these past months serve as a detailed exam that will give you even more ideas that you can adapt to fit your needs. Either way, use these meal plans hand in hand with the training regimen we do in the gym and I promise you in 90 days (Like every progam known to man) from now...look leaner, healthier, and more toned than you ever have at any point in your life. Guaranteed!


Breakfast - 7:00am

Turkey Bacon

Whole Wheat Toast

Scrambled Egg Whites

w/ Salsa

Skim Milk

Snack #1 - 9:30am

25-30 Grapes

Low Fat Mozzarella

String Cheese

Bottle of Water

Lunch - 12:00pm

Grilled Chicken on a

Whole Wheat Wrap with

grilled veggies

Bag of Pretzels

Bottle of Water


For your BREAKFAST, substitute-

Breakfast - 7:00am

Whole Wheat Waffles

w/ applesauce and

peanut butter Protein

Shake (made with soy/rice/almond milk)

Snack #1 - 9:30am

1/2 Peanut Butter

sandwich on whole

wheat bread

Bottle of Water

For LUNCH substitute Soy, Tofu, or Tempah in the wrap.

For your SNACK, substitute with soy/hemp/rice/or vegetable protein powder(do your research before you buy).


Not all of you are going to be as Gung Ho as others. That's okay, as long as you get within the ball park and only slip on about 5 of them you'll still see significant results.


Chewing gum is one of the best ways to get yourself from one meal to the next without munching on unnecessary calories in between.


The final chapter of our 10 part series!

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