Monday, April 25, 2016

12 Facts about Cellulite

If you or anyone you've loved has ever been a victim of cellulite, then... that's normal. But one can one do about it?

Well, much I like I like to wage war against the fitness industry of con men and myths, I'll help you wage war against this evil curse known as CELLULITE.

1) What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is dimples in your fat. That's it.

It's nothing more than fat under your skin that's pushing out and creates the ugly cellulite look.

2) How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Get rid of the fat, you'll get rid of the cellulite.

Yep, that's it. That simple, yet that difficult for many.

3) Don't use Liposuction

Liposuction only sucks out the fat, not the cellulite underneath. And will actually make it look worse.

The horror stories of post lypo work will be an article unto itself.

4) The Cellulite Industry wants to Rip You Off

There is no evidence that Cellulite Creams, Rollers, or whatever else work. There is scientific proof that they can have harmful side effects. All Risk-No Gain.

The only guarantee I can give you about any of these products is they will cost money.

5) Once Again, The Only Cure is to Nutrition and Exercise

Remember what I said earlier about the only cure is to lose the fat, I meant it.

6) Cellulite Will Be More Prominent in Some Areas, Thus Will Be Harder to Fight

You can't choose which part of your body you lose fat from. You'll have to lose all the body fat necessary for you to lose that fat from that area, the area that has the the Cellulite.

7) You're a Victim of Your DNA

Like almost everything in fitness, some are more genetically inclined to have it than others. So some will have much more fat and no cellulite, while others can be relatively lean and still have some cellulite.

8) Cellulite is Immortal

It never truly goes away, just harder to see when you lose the weight.

9) Women are Screwed

Once again, women are screwed in the fitness department as women predominantly put on more cellulite than men.

10) Just Add Bad Habits

10) Think of Cellulite as plant. If you'd like it to grow just add bad diets, fad diets, no sleep, smoking, etc.

As if you needed another reason to not do the above. Remember as I said before, Cellulite is an immortal monster. Don't feed the beast.

11) Massage Won't Cure Cellulite

You may have heard massage therapy can make make cellulite diminish.

It's true, but only temporarily, then it goes back to normal.

Chose massage therapy for all the other benefits, not for cellutlite.

12)  Lasers and Science Can't Help You

"Can't the latest research and newest lasers destroy cellulite?" Maybe one day. But today is not that day.

Like I said many times, the only cure is to GET RID OF THE FAT.


Cellulite is a lot like stubborn body fat, slow metabolism, small body parts you wish were bigger, etc. It's just your genetic make up. You can choose to make it better or worse, but basically it's part of you and how you deal with it. Accept defeat and let it takeover, or fight the good fight and keep it in it's place. Yeah, some people have it easier, but you have it easier in other departments.

That's it for this week. Keep sending those questions in and yours may become the next blog post.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

What's the Best Cardio Workout?

What's the best cardio?

There's those people who like to brag about the fact that they're lean without doing cardio. Good for them, they have great genetics. Not all of us are that blessed, and some of us would like the extra benefits of cardio which include improved cardiovascular, better endurance, and higher metabolism.

Cons of cardio? Some can be tough on your joints, and increased fatigue can lead some to eat way more which not only to the point of negating the calorie burn but to the point that they gain fat.

With that being said, I'll always promote LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) Cardio over HITT (High Intensity Interval Training). But if you want to sprint and/or do Tabata I won't get in your way. Your body might, though.

Also, all cardio exercises are based off of 60 minute sessions so cut it in half if you're only doing 30.


Accessibility: A
Injury Free: F
Functionality: A
Calories Burned: 398-557

Many people say jogging is the easiest to do because all you need is a pair of shoes.

Let me counter this, you need a really, really good pair of shock absorbent shoes. And they're not cheap.

On top of that most of the people jogging don't have the range of motion to be jogging and are usually overweight which is increasing the impact of an already high impact exercise.

Combine that with the fact that many go too hard, too fast because of a new years resolution or summer time coming up.

If you look in a runners magazine it's filled to the brim with joint pain relief and chiropractic advertisements. That should tell you everything right there.

Even the top runners that don't get injured look emaciated and weak. Definitely not the body I'm going for.

Running is amazing at burning calories and some get what's called runners high, but most end up with runners knee.

If you love running and heed my advice than go for it.


Accessibility: B
Injury Free: B
Functionality: A
Calories Burned: 493-704

Swimming is easy on the joints and can even build muscles.

But you need access to a body of water, and when winter comes around it better be an indoor pool. And a lot of indoor pools get crowded quick, so make sure you show up at a good time.

Also, you need great technique if you hope to knock out some consistent laps. On top of that you need a good pair of goggles that doesn't fog up all the time, doesn't leak water, and isn't so tight it hurts and leaves a mark for the next few hours.

Outdoor Cycling

Accessibility: A
Injury Free: C
Functionality: B
Calories Burned: 650

Biking is fun and easy on the joints. You can exlore a trail or get to know parts of town you never see all while burning calories.

It can also be annoying with cars seeming like they want to run you over and lot's of places not being bike friendly.

Make sure the bike height is correct as it can tear up your knees if not enough distance.

The other problem with outdoor biking is coasting. NO COASTING!

Stationary Bikes

Accessibility: B
Injury Free: B
Functionality: C
Calories Burned: 567

No coasting here. Set your goal or speed and you're on your way.

Biggest problem is how boring it gets. Hopefully you'll have a tv or excitiing audio book to listen to while you're doing it.

Recumbent Bike

Accessibility: B
Injury Free: A
Functionality: D
Calories Burned: 567

Pregnant, overweight, back problems, high blood pressure, joint issues, if you got problems than the recumbent bike should be the answer.


Accessibility: C
Injury Free: B
Functionality: A
Calories Burned: 510, but you won't last that long so let's say 255 for 30 minutes

Rowing destroys the calories more than any other cardio workout. Not hard to see why, since you not only work every muscle in your body, you also stretch them as well, all while keeping it low impact.

Only issue is it's so strenuous that people don't do it long enough to burn enough calories.

Tom Venuto suggests that you incorporate it into a circuit. 15 minutes of rowing, 15 minutes of running, with 15 minutes of cycling, or however you choose.


Accessibility: A
Injury Free: A
Functionality: A
Calories Burned: 415

Low impact, great to explore, take the dog on a walk, what more could you want. More calories burned? Can't have it all.

Just remember you need to be going at a BRISK pace. Don't walk like somebody lost at a Home Depot, walk like a UPS Driver 2 days before Christmas.


movies movie funny run workout

Accessibility: A
Injury Free: B
Functionality: F
Calories Burned: 500

My personal favorite form of cardio.

A lot of people talk shit about the elliptical, but it's a secret calorie assassin. It doesn't look like you're doing much, it doesn't even feel like you're doing much, but you are. And it's extremely low impact.

So let's see a safe cardio workout, that burns calories while requiring less energy to do so, while I can listen to my audio books or podcasts.

The more people hate it, the more openings on the elliptical for you. Let them hate.

Note: Although, I kind of hate it now because I get Plantar Fasciitis when I do it too much.

Stair Climber

Accessibility: A
Injury Free: B
Functionality: A
Calories Burned: 650

Why do you see so many pro bodybuilders using the stair climber? Because it works.

Why do you think fat people take the elevator. Stairs are a workout. And this one is effective and easy on the joints.

This workout is a calorie killer, and works out your entire lower body at the same time.

While it's low impact, if you got knee issues it could aggravate them.

Also, don't be the dumb dumb that cranks it all the way up and hangs off the rail the whole time. Holding the rails makes it a waste of time.


Accessibility: A
Injury Free: F
Functionality: A
Calories Burned: 465, this is based off only doing 30 minutes. Which is the most you should do.

The Icon of HITT training. Kills calories quickly builds muscle as well. But if you're lifting 3-4 times a week already do you really want to kill your body doing this as well.

Something's going to give sooner or later, I promise you that. That's why I advocate LISS.

Martial Arts or Boxing

Rocky movie fight punch box

Accessibility: A
Injury Free: F
Functionality: A
Calories Burned: 816

Learn how to fight while burning calories. What's the point of looking like a lean and strong bad ass if you can't do anything with it?


Accessibility: A
Injury Free: F
Functionality: A
Calories Burned: 558 Half Court, 747 Full Court... you won't be playing Full Court trololol

Great at burning a calories, but there's a lot of standing around that most don't take into account.

Not to mention how much people get injured playing. It's a lot.


The most important thing is to stay consistent so that's going to mean doing the cardio you enjoy doing. That's the one you'll keep doing. Just be sure not to injure yourself, as it can easily happen. That ultimately the best cardio option.

There are other cardio choices out there, I'll maybe go over those in the future. This should be enough to hold you over until then.