Monday, March 14, 2011

Planning Ahead

As we all know and I've stressed over and over nutrition is the biggest part of getting fit. But you might be in a rush, you might not be around any food that's healthy. What do you do?

Always plan ahead. I'll give you a few tips, but WARNING: After reading this you'll never be able to get away with those excuses again.

Bowl of Cereal (Kashi Go Lean or Heart to Heart)


Time: Less than a minute

Pack some Kashi cereal in your tupperware

Pour your Soy/Skim/Almond/or Rice milk into a water bottle

Pack both in your little lunch box and you're ready to go

Time: Around two minutes, depending on your skill of pouring milk into a water bottle


Ready for this?

A protein bar (EAS, and ProGrade Strength are good)

Greek Yogurt

Bottle of Water

Time: .00000267 seconds

To better your metabolism you need to eat every 3 hours. Look at what we just did. Go on, look at it. Two bowls of cereal and a protein bar. Half your day is already over by your third meal.

Cheap, quick, healthy, and tasty. Those are my 4 rules.

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