Sunday, August 25, 2013

You Should've Already Got Results

You should see results every week. If you don't, what you're doing is wrong.

How do you actually know if you're doing something wrong. You could try to judge yourself by a mirror, or how you fit in your clothes, or how many times you get hit on Saturday night. 

But believe it or not there's much better ways of doing this.

Weigh yourself.

Measure your body fat.

I don't care if you use an electronic or analog caliper. Whatever you do use the same measurement method and don't switch, because the measuring tool will then become the variable.

If you're using analog calipers make sure you're using the same person as the measurer.

Also make sure it's you getting measured every time. HAHAHAHA I'm hilarious.

But seriously though folks. You can get yourself one of them hi tech weight scales out of a department store that measures your weight, bf%, LBM, waterweight, etc. all in one. It's 2013! We're living in the future people. 

After you've done that another good idea would be to find your LBM (Lean Body Mass).

Subtract your body fat percentage from your weight and and you'll have that. If you actually need me to explain how that's done then you're not allowed to read my blogs for now on, let alone make eye contact with me.

This way when you lose or gain weight you'll know how much of it was muscle and how much was fat.

I got a guy down 2 lbs one week and he was a little disspointed. Until I pointed out to him that he gained 3 lbs of muscle at the same time, so he actually lost 5 lbs of fat!

That's what sucks about just measuring your weight.

Those girls that are happy about losing weight after being sick for a week and not eating really only lost water weight and muscle, but these are not the girls that measure their body fat and LBM so ignorance is bliss.

Also get your measurements around your waist, hips, arms, etc, and check that out from time to time as well but not as frequently.

That'll do for today. I'm going to start making my blogs shorter but more frequent. 

I'll tell you what to do if you're not getting the correct results in the next blog.

Until then, keep trying to be like me.