Monday, March 14, 2011

Eliminate the Sweets


I know this one will be hard for most of you, but if you really want the flat stomach you've always dreamed of then you're gonna have to work with me here. If you are a habitual sweets eater, STOP IT! Not only are these often loaded with tons of fat, sugar, and calories...but they are worse, what we would call "empty calories". That means these foods do NOTHING for helping your muscles repair themselves and tone your body. They do nothing to fuel your metabolism. They do nothing to give you usable energy. Really...they do NOTHING! Follow the pattern here and having NOTHING to do with them, if having the best body of your life is your goal.


Snack #2 - 4:00pm
A couple of bunches of
grapes with a wedge of
Laughing Cow or Baby
Ebel cheese
Bottle of Water

Dinner - 6:30pm
Turky Sausage with
Red Peppers and
Baked Sweet Potato
Bottle of Water

Snack #3 - 9:30pm
Air Popped Popcorn
with sprinkled sea salt
Bottle of Water


For your snack, substitute cheese with soy cheese, or 20-25 almonds.

For dinner, substitute Sausage with a Veggie Burger with Onions and Red Peppers. Remember to read the food labels on your veggie burgers, some are packed with more sodium than others.


Most of you will be fighting off a craving, a bad habit you engage in more often that you think. Once you stay away from something long enough you stop craving it. I did this with coke (the soda) right after I graduated high school. And I just did it with pizza last month. It's tough but we can all do it.


Still craving something sweet and can't stand it? Go for the frozen yogurt and splurge on your favorite topping! It won't destroy your fat loss efforts.


One of the most underrated nutrients in keeping your body fat from jiggling. This missing ingredient will keep you full, healthy, and lean!

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