Tuesday, June 28, 2016

13 Tips For People With Desk Jobs

1. Give Yourself a Break every 30 Minutes
You need to be eating a Kit Kat every 30 minutes. You wish.
What I mean is every thirty minutes you need to walk, drink water, stretch, just don't go out and smoke. 
Don't tell me you don't have time. I see how much dumb shit you post of Facebook.
2. Enlarge the Screen
There's an option to enlarge the screen. Use it. That's what it's there for.
No more Quasimodo posture.
3. Get a Stand Up Desk
You don't have to go crazy like the photo above, but doing stand up is definitely better for you. 
4. No Elevators, Be a Slinky
If you work the top of the Empire State Building I understand. But I see so many of you taking an elevator the 3rd floor. Ridiculous.
5. Park Far Away
Few things annoy me more than that person circling the parking lot for the perfect spot. Especially when they're going to the gym.  You're trying to lose weight anyway, just walk!
6. Stay Full, or Be Fooled
So you just had to eat cake, it was someone's birthday. I don't work in an office, but even I know that it's always somebodies birthday. 
Stay full and you won't be fooled into eating it. Hungry stomachs give in to temptations.
7. Get a Close Gym
The further the gym, the easier the excuses. Get a gym that's in the building or damn close.
8. Workout During Lunch
That's when I do it. Don't have to wake up earlier. Already have some calories and coffee in me. Work off the stress of the day. And don't have to show up to gym after I'm spent from all the work I've done.
9. Associate with Co-Workers who Like to Stay Fit
In the book Rhinoceros Success, author Scott Alexander says if you want to be a charging rhino, you need to hang with others rhinos. 
Chances are healthy people are also people who have healthy work habits and will help you in your career life as well. Win, win.
10. Bring Food
Fail to Plan, and you Plan to Fail. "Be Prepared" as the boy scouts and Scar from Lion King said.
11. Map out the Healthy Restaurants
Chiptotle, Pita Fusion, there's gotta be something close to you.
Hell, if you have to get fast food. Order a grilled chicken sandwich plain.
12. Drink Coffee
Fights off hunger and keeps you working hard. Another Win/Win.
13. Sit on an Exercise Ball
Keeps your core working the entire time you're sitting. 
14. Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated is important for a number of reasons, so that's a whole blog post unto itself. 
I'm telling you to stay hydrated for an additional reason, the reason being you have to walk to the bathroom more which makes you take more walking breaks.
Genius I know.
Final Thought
Your work 40 days a week sitting, you sit while commuting, you sit while eating, you sit while binge watching netflix, you sit at the movies, you're always sitting, which means these are great rules for you to use all through your life.

They say sitting is the new smoking, and smoking kills. Quit sitting.