Monday, May 12, 2014

Worst Current Trends


For more red blood cells, or did you just want to look cool. Either way you fail in both. You'd have to live in that environment in order to gain the red blood cell count. The only thing you're actually doing is holding back your workout intensity because you can't breathe and having people talk about you behind your back for looking like a weirdo.


Something bodybuilders invented a long time ago and used in contests as it gave TEMPORARY RESULTS in reductions in water weight. This is not something that will give you any long term results aesthetically and especially health-wise. This is worse than juicing. You're so lazy you're going wrap yourself to lose weight? Why in the name of science would that work? Do you have any proof beyond some anecdote about your friend looked skinnier. Whatever water weight she lost will come back and you're even worse if you sell this shit to people for profit. Unless you're actually dumb enough to believe you're getting results from it.

The name of one of the biggest scams in wraps is called 'IT WORKS'. If you have to call your company something like that, it shows how much bull shit you're involved with.

3) Juicing

The most hippie dominant trend in the world of fitness. Something with no scientific results but supposedly works because it's "RAW" and "NATURAL". Save yourself time and just eat it normally and get much better results. And burn that fedora.

4) Vibrams aka Toe Shoes

Actually they're supposedly pretty good, as that a lot of athletes and coaches I respect use them. But there were lies about the overall effectiveness of them causing millions in refunds. I mostly just hate the sight of them and they usually smell because they require a lot of washing that most people fail to comply with. Not to mention you have to buy dozens of toes socks to go with it.

5) Calorie Counters

Not talking about My Fitness Pal. I'm talking about things like Bodybugg(which I was forced to sell as a trainer at 24 hour Fitness). There's no true accurate way to know, so why put so much emphasis. in its. Just do your lifting and your cardio, count your calories consumed, and that's it. You will know if what you'red doing is effective off your results. Will you really alter your day because Bodybugg told you that you only burned 150 calories raking the yard? Don't make things any more complicated than necessary.

6) Paleo/Caveman/Atkins/Ketogenic Diet

Avoid all carbs? Let's get this straight you want me to demonize an entire nutrient because Greg Glassman, some old fat guy with no muscle, said to? Think for yourself.

The reason this seems to work is because carbs are the easiest thing to over eat. When you cut them out you're left with pretty much only protein. How much meat can one eat. Only so much. But all that meat means a lot of saturated fat, so this make s the diet even worse.

How do people get their energy on this diet without carbs. Well all that extra protein is stored as glycogen, not fat as most believe. So in other words they're eating really expensive carbs (protein).

7) Banana Diet

Eat only bananas. This is even worse than the paleo diet. Fuck all these scientist and research. Let's just eat only one food all the time. Either she's got great genetics or is lying about what she does. Either way don't fall for it.

8) Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout, Post-Workout Supplements

Lies made by the supplement companies. No supplements are really necessary. There's no anabolic window so get your protein and carbs whenever you got the time (within reason).

9) Testosterone Booster

Look, either take the steroids or don't do it at all. There's no halfway. This is complete bullshit at it's highest capacity. The only effect I know of, anecdotally, is that it make guys hornier. And there''s plenty of supplements better at doing that.

10) Detoxing

No scientific proof again. Much like juicing. Something that is sold to many for profit and MLM marketing schemes. Your body detoxes all day on it's own. If this actually worked every doctor would try to patent it and sell it for huge loads of money.


There are people who need to avoid gluten. But that doesn't mean gluten is bad. I'm allergic to peniscillan, but it doesn't mean everyone should avoid it. I know a lot of people have lost weight doing gluten free, but that's becaue it makes them avoid a lot carbs. And we already went over how that paleo diet stuff works.