Monday, March 14, 2011

Breaking Point

Story Time

As I've told some of you before, I'm not naturally an in shape person. I came a very long way from where I started. I didn't have very strict eating rules from my grandparents so I pretty much ate frozen pizza, fast food, Debbie cakes, candy bars, snickers...only. In fact the healthiest things I would eat were either peanut butter sandwiches loaded with scoops of peanut butter, or the terrible steak and baked potato dinners the coaches forced us to eat before a football game. And I drank Coke with everything.


To make it worse, toward the end of my senior year I had given into peer pressure and started drinking. Now I had always had a bit of a pudge, but...MY GOD! Let me tell you something about a beer gut, you cannot, I repeat cannot suck it in. My whole life unto this point I had mastered sucking in my gut. I had done it so long I would do it even when no one was around. I actually started to think that's how I naturally looked. But not with a beer gut. That thing was so hard I felt like it would take at least five good punches to the stomach to knock the wind out of me. But I did the typical guy thing, and just acted like I was bulking up. I would even wear tight shirts believing I was big. So next time you see guys with big guts and tiny shirts, and wonder what they're thinking... now you know!


Then one day, I ran into this girl when I went to get my hair cut. I liked this girl and as cliche as it sounds she was the Homecoming Queen and cheerleader also. Even though she had a boyfriend we had a really flirty relationship. But I'll never forget what she said to me when I saw her that day. "Steven, you're getting fat".

I'm not mad at her. She was just being honest. I was pretty much like that Spoc guy from Star Trek, it hit me on completely logical level. I'm fat, so...I need to not be fat.

I'm kind of an all or nothing guy, so if I don't obsess over it than I don't do it. I obsessed over this, I tried all kinds of diets, supplements, workouts. I trained with everyone from the former Mr. Tennessee, university football strength coaches, workouts from the athletic director of the New York Mets. I even experimented my own diets on myself. Yeah, I know I'm crazy. But after years of trial and error I finally got it down. Even though I'm always trying to improve.

Which is good for you guys, so you don't have to go down my long road. I wish I had someone like me when I started out (there had to have been a way to make that sound less conceited).

Anyway, what I want to ask is what was the point that got all of you into fitness. Where was your breaking point that inspired you?


Snack #2 - 3:00pm

Peanut Butter

Sliced Green Apple

Bottle of Water

Dinner - 6:00pm

Grilled Pork Chop


Grilled Portabellos

Baked Sweet Potato

Bottle of Water

Snack #3 - 9:00pm

Muscle Recovery Drink

Prograde Strength

Workout" Drink or EAS

Muscle Armor



Dinner - 6:00pm

Boca Burger


Grilled Portabellos

Baked Sweet Potato

Bottle of Water


Sometimes it's just that one little thing that finally motivates you. The funny thing is the girl that inspired me is now so fat I accidentally mistook her for an old high-school teacher.


Stuck at an Italian restaurant and not sure what to eat? Red sauces (marinara is best) should be the choice every time!


Either another story or a No.2 on our FOODS TO AVOID list. You tell me. Let the people's voices be heard.


If I get a chance I'll upload my senior year pictures. What my friends call "Fat Steve".

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