Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Fattening

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Trap Food to Avoid aka THE BAD
Rolled oats, nuts, dried fruit it just seems so...right. But what we don't realize is how much sugar and extra calories are hiding inside. Not to mention the trans fat as well. I do give them an A+ for clever marketing.

Stay away from cheese, deli meat, fries, chips, ice cream, Soy and BBQ sauce, and mayonaise. I know that sounds harsh but it's the truth. Although... I will let you in on some secrets.

If this is what your refrigerator looks like than it's time for some spring cleaning.

If you thought the only alternatives to condiments were no condiments than think again.

Here's a starter list of condiment alternatives.

Hummus > Mayo
Horseradish > BBQ
Yogurt Dip/Horseradish Blue Cheese > Blue Cheese
Hot Pepper > Hot Sauce
Basil ?Pesto

Boom that easy.


The following information is POP-SECRET!

I don't mean that the Pop-Secret brand is good. But there is a secret to popping your pop-corn. Pop-corn good for you!
5 cups is a serving!

Buy a bag of organic popcorn. Pour it and a little olive oil in you air popper (or whatever you want to cook it in). I use medium heat on my stove. Pop the popcorn and you have a late night snack you can munch on all night with no fat, no sodium, no sugar, has lot's of fiber and few calories. In fact one serving has only
That's perfect bowl placement.
  • Scrambled Egg Whites

  • Homemade Muesli

  • Coffee (no creamers)

Midmorning Snack:

  • Protein Shake

  • Yam Muffin


  • Chicken Breast Sandwich

  • Apple

  • Small handful of Pecans

  • Iced Tea (no sweeteners)


  • Protein Shake


  • Grilled Halibut

  • Small Baked Potato

  • Salad with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

  • Frozen Yogurt

  • Water

Final Thoughts
Oh yeah, that's right. What you thought was just a normal day has become another milestone in your life with this info. Now that you've read it, apply it. That's it!
This Blogs Tip
I'm in such a giving mood I'll throw one more secret your way. Butter you can eat and still stay lean.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Commandments

So you survived the rapture. Big deal, how do you know you'll survive the next one?

If you want to survive you better read these commandments and follow them as the word of Steve.

1) Thou Shalt Not Eat Fast Food
Pretty simple huh? But what about when you're in a rush then it's okay right? Or you don't feel like cooking everyday. Nope. Always have food prepared ahead of time via Tupperware. Take healthy snacks like protein bars, turkey jerkey, peanut butter sandwich, trail mix, etc.

2) Thou Shalt Not Eat Fatty Foods
If something is high in fat...don't eat it.
Wonder if you can get this with a stuffed crust?

3) Thou Shalt Not Shop Hungry
When you shop hungry you've already lost. You end up stocking your house with nothing but temptations. Why make this any harder than it needs to be?

4) Thou Shalt Not Drink Soda or Juice
Nothing but liquid sugar. It's like giving up a drug and you may have withdrawl, but once you get past the initial one to two week hump you'll be set.
Probably took a long time to set up this photo.

5) Thou Shalt Not Eat Sugary and Salty Foods
Just because something isn't high in fat doesn't mean it's not bad for you. Salty and sugary foods stack up quickly and become just as bad as fatty foods.
That salt shaker isn't even close to empty!

6) Thou Shalt Eat 5-6 Times a Day
Besides turning your body into a Fat Burning Furnace with a mega metabolism, this also prevents you from being hungry and making those mistakes we all make when we're starving.
You like the imagery?

7) Thou Shalt Eat a lot of Protein
What gives you the muscle that makes you look lean. If you don't have enough protein in your diet you'll always look flabby and won't get much out of your workouts.
My Breakfast!

8) Thou Shalt Drink a Lot of Water
Keep your metabolism high, keep you regular, keep you hydrated, keep you healthy.

9) Thou Shalt Not Eat Complex Carbs After 6
Just to clarify, you can have fibrous carbs after 6. What's that? Vegetables that are high in fiber. Remember carrots, not potatoes.

10) Thou Shalt Not Eat Fruit After 3
Although it's good for you, it is natures candy. The natural sugar that makes these Simple Carbs is not good for you after 3. Like Cinderellas Chariot turning to a pumpkin at midnight, fruit is good for a limited time only. (Unless right after workout...then it's okay)

Follow these 10 simple commandments and you shall survive the rapture...or just look really good. Whatever works for you.

Food for thought

1) 60 Second Omelet
This breakfast recipe is awesome for when you're short on time and long on hunger!
You can also eat this for dinner, by taking out the side of oatmeal.
Prep Time: 60 Seconds
4 egg whites, one whole egg
Veggies of your choice (spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, green peppers, etc)
Whip eggs in blender
Cook over medium heat in a skillet; add vegetables of choice
Enjoy with a ½ cup of oatmeal

Thai Curry Chicken and Grape Salad Sandwich
Enjoy it outside by the pool, or its great right after our workout. The crisp sweet
grapes and curry seasoning add a lot of taste to this chicken salad recipe.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
2 portions chicken breast, chopped
½ cup seedless red grapes, chilled, halved
½ cup green grapes, chilled, halved
1 apple cored and diced
½ cup fat free mayonnaise
1 lemon, halved
Sprinkle curry powder seasoning, to taste
¼ tsp ground black pepper
2 cups baby romaine leaves
2 slices of whole wheat bread
In medium mixing bowl, combine precooked and chopped chicken, chilled red and green
grapes, apple, mayonnaise, lemon juice, curry powder, and black pepper.
Toast 2 slices of bread and place baby romaine on top along with chicken salad.

Final Thoughts:
Things aren't as complicated as some make it seem. Combine these basic rules and my training and you'll be set.

This Blogs Tip:
Egg whites cook great in a microwave! Put 5 in a glass bowl, mix with spices and salsa and microwave on high for 4 minutes!

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P.S. Congrats to Randy for winning the weight loss competition!
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The competition wasn't even close!

P.P.S. Another round of Applause to Steve Tramel for losing over 10lbs and 5% Body Fat

P.P.P.S. To Team Austin F.I.T. (Dean and I) for placing in the top 20 at the Obstacle Course.

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