Monday, March 14, 2011

If you don't like something...DON'T EAT IT!


I know this kind of goes without saying but a lot of people feel guilty for not eating exactly what is suggested to eat. I'll be going through lot's of different meal plans so I'm sure you'll find plenty that you'll like. No matter how much discipline you may have, if you don't like what you're eating you won't stick with it. This is why most meal plans are garbage.


Breakfast - 7:00am

Whole Wheat Waffles

w/ fresh blueberries and

fat free cool whip

Protein Shake (made

with skim/soy/rice/ or almond milk)

Tablespoon Flax Oil

Snack #1 - 9:30am

Plain Greek Yogurt

(Fage) with honey and


Bottle of Water

Lunch - 12:00pm

Mixed Green Salad with

Grilled Chicken,

pineapple, and orange


Bag of Pretzels

Bottle of Water

If you're vegeterian:

Substitute Chicken Chicken with Tempah, Tofu, or Soy.

If you're vegan:

Substitute Greek Yogurt with Soy Yogurt.

Substitute Chicken Chicken with Tempah, Tofu, or Soy.


Some of you will lock in on 2 or 3 breakfasts, or 4 different lunches that you like and that's it. That's fine. Stick with what works for you and you will get better results than you would with any of those rigid meal plans. I once followed a meal plan that told me to eat 12 boiled eggs for breakfast. I did that everyday for 6 months. Worst time of my life. I'll now leave at the site of a boiled egg.


Try to select carbs with a GI of 65 or less. Refer to this site for some common foods.

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