Monday, January 26, 2015

6 Reasons your New Years Resolution will Fail Hard

1. You're Fasting

I don't recall Ghandi on the cover of Muscle and Fitness

When you fast, it's not a long term thing. It's an amazing amount of effort that can only last so long, that doesn't teach you any long term skills. On top of that, the only weight you're losing is water weight and muscle weight. Even worse is you'll probably want to gorge afterwards as you're starving and want to reward yourself for your misplaced discipline.

Note: Fasting is dumb. Your body does not need a detox. There has never, ever, ever, been any scientific data to prove that it works. Your body naturally detoxes all the time, or you'd be dead. It's called having a liver.

2. You're doing some trendy Fad Diet

Pretty similar to what we just talked about. A lot of effort used to eat very trace amounts of foods, never allow yourself to eat foods you like, etc.

You know you've been dieting too long when this reminds you of pizza.

Are you really going to go the rest of your life on raw food, or never eat a carb again?

I'm sure you've heard it's not a race, it's a marathon.

Do you want to lose (water)weight for a few weeks, or be lean for life?

Exhibit A of Water Weight loss

3. You're relying off of a Supplement

Thrive, Herbalife, Isagenix,, Body wrap companies such as It Works...I'm sure you can name more.

I once fell victim to SELLING some of this stuff just because I wanted supplements I could sell from my gym and purchase at wholesale. But they were so pushy with their selling I felt sick and apologize for selling a product that I din't believe was the best out there. I won't say which product or anymore about them to not offend anyone.

I now have a supplement that I USE ON MYSELF and have it at the gym. But I'm going off tangent now.


They tell you how to lose weight, but you need to use their product to attain it. And they want you to sell the product as well. Which is how they really make the money. Notice that they want you to sell it much more than they want you to buy it?

4. You don't have measurable goals

How much weight, or how inches do you plan to lose? When is the deadline? Are you measuring weekly and hitting your short term goals? If not, how do you know if you're diet and work out are working so that you can adjust it to fix the goals.

5. You have no support system

Don't hang around the wrong ELEMENT...get it??? Bad guys from the 5th Element...forget it.

Let's be honest. No one wants you to succeed. When you lose fat, you make your friends and family feel guilty about themselves.

When you don't, and give up. It makes them feel better about themselves.

Ever hear about the crab mentality. When crabs are caught in a bucket, they could easily escape. But when one starts to get away the others pull it back down.

A recovering alcoholic doesn't keep hanging out with his drinking buddies.

The best way to get somewhere, is to talk to someone that's already been there.

What about accountability?

What happens this week if you don't meet your goals. Do you have anyone pushing you. Keeping you on track, helping you when everything seems to be going wrong.

When you miss a workout do you make it up. When personal and business problems happen do you let it effect your workout?

6. Your workout sucks

What are you doing? Running? Do you run properly? Ever noticed how many ads in running magazines are for injuries? Do you really want a runners body, which is usually skinny fat.

Do you know how to periodize your programming? Do you know how to lift correctly? Are you putting enough compound exercises together which will help you burn the most calories, and build the most muscle and strength?

Are you doing a fad workout that makes you feel tired but is only getting you limited results?

You want to get the most out of the least. Doesn't mean you won't work hard for it. But it does mean you'll get what you put into it. And that will give you more motivation than anything else when you actually see the fruits of your labor.