Sunday, August 7, 2016

5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

1) You're eating more than you think

You're eating real natural food, getting plenty of protein, but you're still not losing enough weight.
If you need to be eating under 1900 calories to lose weight, but are eating 2200 a day you're not going to lose the body fat you need. Even if everything you're eating is natural, organic, full of protein, etc.

Lots of foods can sneak up on you too. A slice of Ezekiel bread is filling as far as bread goes, and healthy too. But 3 slices come out to almost 300 calories. An entire cup of oatmeal is around 300 as well and is way more filling and has much more protein. But calories can sneak up on you that way.

Nuts, seeds, avocados, raisins, all kinds of healthy food can sneak up on you. This is especially important for people trying that last piece of stubborn body fat.

Chips may not look that fattening but easily add up to lots,and I mean a lot, of calories.

Whole wheat pasta may be healthy but has a lot of calories.

2) Your diet's good, but you're not active enough

The diet that works for you when your active all week, will not work while you're working hours and making excuses why you can't get to the gym. Weight gain doesn't caer about excuses.

So that means you either have to lower calories or become more active. If you have the choice, choose for being more active. It only takes 30-60 minutes a day. You don't have to go crazy, you're not training for the Iron man.

3)  You're active, but not lifting

Skinny Fatitis

You're doing a lot of cardio, and keeping your calories in check but still don't have the body you want. Well, have you ever been to a marathon or triathlon. Lots of impressive athletes, not a lot of impressive bodies.

Lifting weights may make you weigh more because of the increased muscle mass, but you'll actually look much better, and have a higher metabolism by the increased muscle. Therefor making you look leaner, and keeping you leaner.

4) You're losing but now aware of it

a) You've lost weight, but due to homeostasis your body has retained water weight and you think you haven't lost weight. So you get pissed off and just eat bad anyway because whats the point. Now you actually messed up, but you think it's because you can't lose weight. Stick with the plan for a while and follow through.

b) You've lost body fat everywhere but your main area, so it makes your stubborn body fat look even fatter in comparison with your lean body.

5) Your calories aren't low enough 

Some people go on a diet but only cut a few calories and need to cut far more. Even if they are losing weight, it's so slow they barely notice it and think it's impossible and give up. If you'd like to lose it slowly, go for it. But I've rarely met anyone that does.