Monday, October 6, 2014

Weightloss For Blockheads

So as you know I always advise for people to follow an exact amount of calories calculated to a certain deficit from your maintenance, Then from there track your calories daily.

But today I'm going to give those who refuse to do this an easy way to lose weight without doing this.

I'm sure you've heard most of this stuff before, but whatever, maybe one more time of hearing it will help round out your blockhead...BLOCKHEAD!

1) Eat real food

I'm not going to tell you there is good food and bad food. Because there isn't really.

I will tell you why real food is looked at good and why other foods are seen as bad.

Real food has less calories. Processed food has more calories.

Real food is more filling. Processed food is less filling.

Real food has more nutrients. Processed food has less nutrients.

If you log your calories you can make room for fun foods like candy and cereal, but since this is for people who want a no logging life here you go.

2) Eat a lot of protein

Protein is the most filling of all foods.

Protein is highly thermic so 20% of it burns off anyway.

Protein helps you build muscle that burns more calories and makes you look lean and become stronger.

3) Cut down the fat

Protein has fat so the leaner the better.

Fat is highly caloric so a little fat goes a long way.

Don't avoid it as it is good for you, just eat a smaller amounts of it.

Again if you log your calories you can follow an exact amount and know if you're eating too much or too little.

4) Eat less carbs and No snacks

Carbs aren't bad. I eat a lot of them. They're often unnecessarily demonized.

The reason I say to eat less, is they're the easiest food to overeat.

You couldn't snack on ribeye, you can't snack on sticks of butter, but you could easily snack on chips and pretzels all day.

Take away carbs and you won't be snacking and they're the most heavily processed food as well making most of them non-filling.

Usually is somone is stuck at a weight, cutting carbs fixes the problem.

5) Eat more vegetables

Packed with nutrients, almost devoid of calories, and very filling what else can I say other than have as much as you want.

6) Cut out soda

The only thing more amazing than how much weight you'll lose is how fast you'll lose it.

7) Drink lots of water

Fills you up, keeps you healthy, it's a no brainer. Carry around a large bottle and drink it every day to keep you accountable.

8) Lift Weights

Less injuries than running, more calories burned than running, better body than running, more strength built than running, fights osteoporosis rather than give you joint problems, it's obvious to lift weights over cardio.

9) Measure yourself weekly

If you weigh and measure weekly you have an idea of what you're doing is working or not.

Then you know whether to change your program.

Don't just use a scale though, use body fat calipers, the way you fit in clothes, and a mirror to measure your success.

10) Hang out with healthier people

You are who you hang out. You can't quit alcahol and keep your drinking buddies. Surround yourself with people better than you and it will make you better. And don't ever try to change others, inspire them accidentally.

My main problem is finding people better than me.

11) Have a cheat meal once in a while

Make sure you've earned it before you eat it. If you're gaining weight, you're already cheating.

12) Eat slower

It takes time for your stomach to catch up to your brain so the slower you eat the more time you have to realize how full you are before you overeat.

So that's it for this week. Hopefully you learned at least one new thing. If not, then why are you having problems. You obviously know everything. Don't be a blockhead and get it together. Seen you next week.