Monday, March 14, 2011

Supplements Can Be A Savior


Are Supplements necessary? Nope. But when it comes to burning fat and muscle toning, it is important for you consume GOOD calories every 2 1/2-3 hours to keep your body furnace burning at full power. The advantage of Protein Bars and Shakes cannot be understated. Having a protein bar in my pocket anywhere I go and not having to wonder where my next meal is coming from is huge. If I relied on nothing but whole foods I'd look like some travelling tupperware salesman. If you prefer shakes, buy a $2 shaker and add the powder before you leave home. Whenever you need it just add water and...DUN DUN DUN...instant meal. As far as which brands are the best, EAS and ProGrade Strength are two I've used and heard great things about. EAS can be found at HEB. ProGrade you many have to order online. As far as other protein brands just email me and I'll give you my opinion.


Snack #2 - 3:00pm

Dinner- 6:00pm

Snack #3 - 9:00pm

Muscle Recovery Drink

(Prograde Strength

"Workout" Drink or EAS

Muscle Armor


DINNER - 6:00pm

Fresh Pasta with

Roasted Red Tomato

Sauce and Grilled

Oregano Chicken

Bottle of Water

If you're vegeterian/vegan:

Substitute Oragono Chicken with Tempah, Tofu, or Soy.

Snack #3 - 9:00pm

Meal Replacement

Shake made with water

or skim/soy/rice/or almond milk (top

recommendation is

or EAS Myoplex)


Like I said you don't HAVE to take supplements. But if you like things in your life to be easy, cheap, and practical then you should look into it. By the way my Vegeterian/Vegan alternates are not the most creative, I'll work on getting something a little more innovative in there.


Having a recovery drink prior to bed sets the stage for optimal nutrient delivery when it's needed the most…at rest!


We'll go over eating frequency some more and plan meals for the first half of the day.

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