Sunday, March 20, 2011

Commercial Salads

You can’t go wrong with a salad right? You feel great because you turned
down the cheeseburgers and the burritos and opted instead for this green stuff.
The only problem though is this green stuff never hangs out alone.
It usually likes to invite its friends over. I'm sure you're familiar with them: Bacon Bits,
Chopped Eggs, Grated Cheese, and the always unwelcome
guest…Salad Dressing (The tight tummy killer…the sooner you avoid this destroyer of all things toned the better!) Add that all up and your once benign “field greens”
pack so many calories you would've been better off with some McNuggets. Stay away from this garden garbage.

Breakfast - 7:00am
English Muffin with
Peanut Butter
Glass of Skim Milk

Snack #1 - 10:30am
Walnuts and Apricots
mix about 10 dried
apricots with 10-12
walnuts in a bag)
Bottle of Water

Lunch - 12:00pm
Mixed Green Salad with
Grilled Chicken,
pineapple, and orange
Bag of Pretzels
Bottle of Water

Final Thoughts:
Don't feel too bad if clever marketing has had you eating bad for years on end. Hell, my Grandma thinks Wendy's fries are healthy because of Sea Salt!? I have an example of how to eat salad correctly in the meal plans. So stick to this type of salad combination and you'll be set.

This Blog's Tip:
All fruit is not created equal. Avoid dried fruit whenever you can have the fresh version. Dried fruits are loaded with sugars, calories and unhealthy nitrates.

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