Monday, March 14, 2011


Hey everyone, I was doing my grocery shopping today and was reminded of one of my biggest obstacles in fitness. I used to have a problem getting to my goal body fat, despite working out hard and eating well. At least I thought I was eating well. The Deli counter at the ol' Piggly Wiggly was hiding secrets(GASP!)...

So you’ve decided to make some positive changes to your

diet, and you realize that you really need to be eating more lean

protein to support your efforts in the gym. You’ve read all the

recommendations and now firmly understand that chicken, tuna fish

and turkey are the way to go. However, what “they” might not have

told you is that not all meats are created equal. In fact, sometimes what we think is

“meat” is actually nothing more than a round compressed

concoction of chemicals, fillers, sodium and additives that looks

not only like a volleyball (when is the last time you saw a perfectly

round chicken or turkey breast anyway?), but might even bounce

once or twice if it ever dropped on the floor. I swear I saw a guy at

HEB double dribble a Christmas Ham a few weeks ago!

The same goes with the tuna fish. The tuna by itself isn’t too bad for you at all, but

when you consider the mounds of mayo that tend to go along with

the fish and you turn a legitimate lean protein option into a lost

cause in the pursuit of leanness! Stick to plain water packed tuna,

fresh fish filets, grilled chicken breast and lean cuts of red meat to

turn your body into a toned, fat burning machine!


Breakfast - 7:00am
Breakfast Smoothie -
Made with 2 cups of
skim/soy/almond/or rice milk,
1 tbsp of flax
oil, 1/2 banana, fresh
strawberries and 2
scoops protein powder

Snack #1 - 9:30am
Almonds and Apricots
mix about 10 dried
apricots with 20-25
almonds in a bag)
Bottle of Water

Lunch - 12:00pm
Mixed Green Salad with
Grilled Salmon, lemon,
and black pepper
Bottle of Water


Lunch - 12:00pm

Mixed Green Salad with
Meat Substitute(Soy, Tempeh, Seitan), lemon,
and black pepper
Bottle of Water


It is recommended that you keep your daily sodium intake under 2300 mg. How much is that? Just 1 teaspoon!


If you get indigestion don't take an antacid. You can neutralize the acids with some raw vegetables (like carrots) without the side effects


Either another story or a supplement recommendation.


You sent me some great stories about what inspired you to start getting into fitness last week. Some funny stories and some heartfelt ones as well. Sometimes a few seconds in your life can spin your world around.

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