Sunday, November 27, 2011

Guest Post: Randy Gill

The Evolution of Randy

341 lbs. March 3rd

254lbs August 27th

218 lbs on November 24th

"Since I've started my weight loss journey with Steve, I've lost 123 LBS. Never thought it would be attainable, but it was. Steve's been drilling my head with plenty of nutritional counseling, stating that it's 40% exercise, 60% diet. So I figured I'd give it a whirl. Low and behold it worked. Not only do I work out but have changed my eating habits as well. First it was gradual and then progressed to a well established diet. I started by giving up white breads and sodas and at this point Ive done away with red meat, processed food, and even abstain from fruits after 3pm. Not easy, especially for a bread eating, fruit craving, carnivore. I've learned to trick my mind into enjoying and filling up on vegetables and water, rather than starchy foods. I still enjoy a cheat day about once every two weeks. Ive learned to be disciplined yet I enjoy life and the things that life offers, such as food. I know that if I could do this with all the weight obstacles, anyone can succeed at their weight loss endeavors."

My diet consists of :
Breakfast - Fiber-one cereal with soy milk and almonds.
Snack- Apples, water and almonds.
Lunch- Chicken or turkey salad, wish bone salad spritzers, carrots, Greek yogurt and fruit.
Snack- Water, apple slices and almonds
Dinner- Baked fish or chicken, vegetables and water.
Snack- Air popped popcorn or celery sticks with peanut butter and water.

"One very important concept that Steve has taught me is that I need to fuel my body in order to burn up energy, that leads to weight loss. At the begging of my journey I was under the impression that if I were to starve myself Id loose weight. Wrong! Once I started fueling my body and eating more frequently, I began seeing dramatic weight loss. I'm not eating tons of food, but eating smaller frequent meals. Just when I begin with hunger urges, it's time for a healthy snack. Don't get me wrong it is a struggle not to enjoy the easily accessible junk food, but I've changed my mind set. I have a goal."

Dieting can be an obstacle, but when you start seeing the results of your sacrifices and determination you'll stay motivated. Dieting and exercise will longer be a chore, but a lifestyle change. A change that you will not mind especially when you need a new wardrobe and receive so many complements you never thought you could have ever received. You'll no longer require the blood pressure medication and start noticing the brighter side of life. So when Steve gives some great advice you might want to listen, it works. Be encouraged all."

For those have a similar journey ahead of you, and even more for those that a much simpler goal. Think about Randy every time you feel like it's impossible and you were foolish to even try. Randy get's tired, has cravings, has a busy life, but does what he has to do regardless. Randy couldn't even remember ever not being overweight, but decided it could be a possibility. Randy doesn't come from a small and fit family, but decided to be the first anyway.

Randy as of right now is only 218lbs, and has gone from 38% body fat to 24%. Just out of the obese range. He plans to be around 200lbs by the end of the year.