Friday, March 6, 2015

10 Bad Habits to Eliminate Now

1) Weighing yourself too often

Your body fluctuates too much during the day for it to mean anything.

You're becoming paranoid or seeking immediate gratification.

Neither is good and is only making you think every action you do is effecting your health.

Not to mention most scales don't account for body fat and water weight loss.

Pick one day and time during the week and weigh yourself then.

The best time is early in the morning before your first meal.

The mirror and your clothes will be the best indicator though.

2) Too much saturated fat

Do you get all your fat from your protein, ex. meat.

That is all saturated fat. Fat which stays solid at room temperature. Like the fat on your steak.

You need more healthy essential fatty acids (EFA's).

Omega 3's from  flaxseed oil (actual flaxseeds if you grind them), fatty fish such as salmon, edamame, walnuts, leafy greens, and if you eat red meat then eat game meat like bison.

EFA's help burn fat, are essential for joint health (I can attest), improve skin texture, burn fat, great for your hair, improve insulin sensitivity and metabolism, and many more things.

What about Omega 6's and 9's...well, you're probably already getting too many of them and we need to make sure you get more 3's.

You can also buy Udo's Oil for the perfect blend.

3) Fat Free Food

Fat free does not mean SUGAR FREE.

These foods often contain a lot of bad things in them.

Don't get me started on trans fat.

Okay, too late. I'm getting started.

Fried foods (yeah pizza is fried cheese), pastries, doughnuts, frosting, taco shells, corn chips, hydrogenated vegetable oils, baked goods like cookies and crackers and cakes, margarine

Stay away from anything with the word hydrogenated.

Dr. Erasmus once said, “If you see the “H” word on the label, get the
“H” out of there!”

Trans fat does the opposite of Essential fat.

It decreases insulin sensitivity, lowers your good cholesterol, can cause cancer, hampers the immune system, interferes with the liver detoxing, and many more bad things.

4) Eating Appetizers

As my favorite comedian Norm MacDonald pointed out.

When you eat at home and make yourself some stew do you first eat an entire loaf of bread first?

Or a basked or two of chips?

Then why do this when you go out?

Once basket of chips can have more calories than an entire serving of frozen pizza!


5) Too much pushing, not enough pulling

I train so many people than come from other programs and have bad posture and even kyphosis (hunchback)

Too many people are doing pushups, benchpress, etc. no one is doing rows, deadlifts, pullups, etc.

You need to create an even balance for your posterior muscles.

Especially you that sit all day for work, sit all day when commuting, then sit the rest of the day in front of the tv and computer.

6) Blaming your weight gain on a bad meal or bad day

One bad meal does not crate a calorie surplus, unless it was an all nighter at CiCi's pizza.

one bad day could put a hamper on things, but it's most likely something you consistently do.

So find out what it is and hold yourself accountable. No more lying.

7) Hanging out with a bad influence

Reformed alcoholics don't having out with their drinking buddies. Whey would you hang out with people that want to drag you down. Only one influence will win. Either they change, or you will.

It's a lot easier to regress than for them to change.

Don't stay around negative people that want you to fail and make themselves feel better.

8) Not being accountable

If you're fat, don't have your desired body, not where you want to be yet?

Only one person to blame. YOU!

You control what you eat, when you workout, how you train, when you sleep.

No excuses. Accept it and make the change.

9) Buying clear cooking oils

Unless your buying Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is not clear, you're most likely buying hydrogenated cooking oil full of trans fat so that it has a longer shelf life. Too bad it shortens yours.

10) You're not tracking anything

How much weight did you lose this week? How about body fat? How many calories did you eat today? How many do you eat consistently? Do you get enough protein? How many reps of squats did you get at a certain weight?

If you're not tracking anything how do you know if you're getting better?

You're either getting better or worse. So which is it?