Monday, March 14, 2011

Holy Guacamole!!!

Trap Food #3

FACT: At first glance, if we remove the chips from the picture here

and concentrate on the “goodness” of the guacamole, things don’t

look too ominous for our chances of holding onto a flat

stomach. However, “dip” deeper(wasn't that clever) and you’ll find that just one

tablespoon of this stuff can have 40 calories (almost 2/3 of which

comes from fat!). The bigger problem? On average, we consume

about 8-10 tablespoons per serving with our healthy sized dips,

not to mention the chips that are being used to scoop it all up!

How often do you eat of chips and dip and how much?


Breakfast - 7:00am
English Muffin with
Peanut Butter
Glass of Skim Milk

Snack #1 - 10:30am
Plain Greek/or Soy Yogurt
(Fage) with sliced
peaches and almonds
Bottle of Water

Lunch - 1:00pm
Cajun Grilled Chicken
on a Whole Wheat
Wrap with lettuce,
tomato and salsa
Bottle of Water

Lunch - 1:00pm
Meat Substitute(Soy, Tempah)
on a Whole Wheat
Wrap with lettuce,
tomato and salsa
Bottle of Water


Look, if you're going to lose a battle to a food in the fight for weight loss, please don't let it be Guacamole! I know it's addictive to fill up on chips and dip before your meal, but hopefully the stats I provided should inspire you skip out next time you're at Chuy's and save more room for your entrée.


Try not to eat within at least 1 hour of working out. This will allow your muscles to receive the blood flow instead of your stomach.


Another one of them stories.

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