Sunday, September 28, 2014

Beyond Fat Loss

We all know why we really lift weights and eat better. But here's some other stories of how lifting improves your life.


My friend an online client Mark Durmon got himself in the best shape of his life and found his new passion in life through fitness and nutrition.

He later got in a near fatal car wreck to where it was thought he may have to lose his legs.

Turned out he had built his legs to such a muscular level that he essentially saved his legs.

He's now working out in a wheelchair and slowly regaining strength in his legs.

In fact the doctor has just updated him that he can now put weight on one of his legs.

Luckily he didn't end up like this guy


When she first started she had very bad knees. She couldn't do lunges, barely do any weight on leg press, Now she does heavy barbell squats with full range of motion, deadlifts, and every leg exercise there is.


Most people bring up Laura's tremendous weight loss. What they don't know is, Laura's first day she wore a leg brace to class. Lifting weights fixed her injury so quickly people don't even remember her one time injury.

Not necessary for Laura anymore.


Randy lost over 200 lbs and got in the best shape of his life. But it wasn't just aesthetic, People at his job were complaining about how heavy he was breathing and his job was being threatened. He couldn't even sleep unless he laid down in the correct positioning.

Those are just a few examples of what I've witnessed through my time training clients.