Monday, September 12, 2016

8 Crazy Myths

1) Lean Muscle

What is Lean Muscle? Is there Fat Muscle? Does that mean there's lean fat and muscular fat?

In all my years I've been unaware off all these different types of muscle that must exist due to people not shutting up about them.

There's only type of muscle, and it's muscle.

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2) Fat Turning into Muscle

How does this happen? Please explain to me how this works.

There's plenty of scientists that would love to hear your theories on how these tissues are able to transform into entirely different tissues.

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3) Toning, Shaping, Firming the Muscle

You want to tone it, shape it, sculpt it, then firm it. Okay, any other made up verbs you want to use while we're at it. Let's mold it, then chisel it, then... carve it?

Those are all made up words used to sell fitness to women that are scared they're going to get all big and muscular.

Here'a  list of the only things you can actually do.

  • You can grow the muscle bigger.
  • You can make the muscle stronger.
  • You can increase the endurance of the muscle.
  • Or you can let the muscle weaken and shrink.

Those are the only actual options.

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4) Spot Reduction

"How do I lose my love handles?"

"How do lose the fat in my arms?"

"How do I lose the fat in my hips?"

You can't just pick one spot and let the rest of you be fat. That's like guys that want a six pack at 350. So they're going to have shredded abs with man breasts?

Body fat lowers and the entire body slowly loses fat together. Some parts of your body have more fat than others, but once you get your body fat low enough it's all gone.

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5) Good Fat is Okay

It's good that you're eating healthy fat, but it's still fat. So you can't just as much as you want.

Just because you got drunk off organic wine doesn't make you okay to drive.

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6) Supplements

You don't need these. Companies are praying off your laziness, ignorance, and insecurities.

Creatine is the only supplement that works and only take if after you've pushed your body to it's limit.

You can take a protein supplement if you're really having trouble getting your protein, but you should really just work on your diet.

Fish Oil is also good. But beside that most supplements are bullshit.

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7) Getting too Muscular

That's never been your problem and you know it.

"I don't want to look too good because too many people will hit on me and I might cheat on my spouse."

"I don't want too much money because I don't trust myself and I could end up being controlled by my possessions."

Sound dumb, well that's what you sound like when you say this.

It's even worse, because you don't train hard enough, or have the genetics or drugs to get too big anyway. So just stop.

You're letting your brain make up excuses to stop new habits forming, something your brain loves to do. Don't live in fear, overcome it.

8) I've Tried Every Diet

That's the problem. There's only one diet. Calories In VS Calories Out.

What you mean is you've done every fad diet. That's why you are where you are.

Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, If It Fits Your Macros, etc. they're all just different styles. Choose the one that fits you best.

What matters most if burning more than you consume if trying to lose. Getting enough nutrients and protein.

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Hopefully I've debunked enough excuses and bad information so you don't waste time, money, and energy on the the unnecessary.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

How I Get Away With Eating Bad Food

How I get away with Eating Bad Food

1) I Rarely Eat it

If I eat a pizza it's once every week or 2. A pancake maybe once a month. Cake maybe twice a year. I post the photos of me eating bad because it's a rare occasion.

Plus it get's the most likes, nobody ever likes my photos of grilled chicken or oatmeal. So blame yourself for me showing off my bad food.

2) I Eat Healthy Almost all the Time

Almost everything I eat is healthy. Oatmeal, Ezekiel Bread. Fruit, Vegetables, All Natural Peanut Butter, Grilled Chicken, Brown Rice, Lean Ground Turkey, Almonds, etc. And the only thing I drink is water and black coffee.

That's almost all I eat. Don't feel sorry for me, I enjoy it.

I know, I'm not human.

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3) I Work Out Every Day

I lift 4 days a week, and do cardio 3 days a week. When you increase the amount of calories you're burning, you're able to get away with eating more calories. Just ask Michael Phelps.

Also, when you have a larger amount of muscle your metabolism increases and allows you to eat more calories as well. Again, ask Micheal Phelps. Go on, ask him.

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4) I Only Allow 10-20% of My Calories to Come From Junk

I typically have a bowl of cereal a day. It's my one cheat meal. If you look at my overall calories it's only about 10% of what my total intake. I could probably get away with more but I play it conservative with dat der junk food.

I like to use Alan Aragon’s percentages to guide decisions
70% intake = whole foods you love
10% intake = whole foods you don’t mind
10% intake = questionable food you love
10% intake = blatant junk you love

5) I'm Just Trying to Maintain

If I was trying to cut, I would probably skimp on most of my cheat meals. I'm trying to make every calorie count towards keeping me full, and junk food is terrible at that. But since I'm not trying to lose weight, I don't have to worry about that.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

1) You're eating more than you think

You're eating real natural food, getting plenty of protein, but you're still not losing enough weight.
If you need to be eating under 1900 calories to lose weight, but are eating 2200 a day you're not going to lose the body fat you need. Even if everything you're eating is natural, organic, full of protein, etc.

Lots of foods can sneak up on you too. A slice of Ezekiel bread is filling as far as bread goes, and healthy too. But 3 slices come out to almost 300 calories. An entire cup of oatmeal is around 300 as well and is way more filling and has much more protein. But calories can sneak up on you that way.

Nuts, seeds, avocados, raisins, all kinds of healthy food can sneak up on you. This is especially important for people trying that last piece of stubborn body fat.

Chips may not look that fattening but easily add up to lots,and I mean a lot, of calories.

Whole wheat pasta may be healthy but has a lot of calories.

2) Your diet's good, but you're not active enough

The diet that works for you when your active all week, will not work while you're working hours and making excuses why you can't get to the gym. Weight gain doesn't caer about excuses.

So that means you either have to lower calories or become more active. If you have the choice, choose for being more active. It only takes 30-60 minutes a day. You don't have to go crazy, you're not training for the Iron man.

3)  You're active, but not lifting

Skinny Fatitis

You're doing a lot of cardio, and keeping your calories in check but still don't have the body you want. Well, have you ever been to a marathon or triathlon. Lots of impressive athletes, not a lot of impressive bodies.

Lifting weights may make you weigh more because of the increased muscle mass, but you'll actually look much better, and have a higher metabolism by the increased muscle. Therefor making you look leaner, and keeping you leaner.

4) You're losing but now aware of it

a) You've lost weight, but due to homeostasis your body has retained water weight and you think you haven't lost weight. So you get pissed off and just eat bad anyway because whats the point. Now you actually messed up, but you think it's because you can't lose weight. Stick with the plan for a while and follow through.

b) You've lost body fat everywhere but your main area, so it makes your stubborn body fat look even fatter in comparison with your lean body.

5) Your calories aren't low enough 

Some people go on a diet but only cut a few calories and need to cut far more. Even if they are losing weight, it's so slow they barely notice it and think it's impossible and give up. If you'd like to lose it slowly, go for it. But I've rarely met anyone that does.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

13 Tips For People With Desk Jobs

1. Give Yourself a Break every 30 Minutes
You need to be eating a Kit Kat every 30 minutes. You wish.
What I mean is every thirty minutes you need to walk, drink water, stretch, just don't go out and smoke. 
Don't tell me you don't have time. I see how much dumb shit you post of Facebook.
2. Enlarge the Screen
There's an option to enlarge the screen. Use it. That's what it's there for.
No more Quasimodo posture.
3. Get a Stand Up Desk
You don't have to go crazy like the photo above, but doing stand up is definitely better for you. 
4. No Elevators, Be a Slinky
If you work the top of the Empire State Building I understand. But I see so many of you taking an elevator the 3rd floor. Ridiculous.
5. Park Far Away
Few things annoy me more than that person circling the parking lot for the perfect spot. Especially when they're going to the gym.  You're trying to lose weight anyway, just walk!
6. Stay Full, or Be Fooled
So you just had to eat cake, it was someone's birthday. I don't work in an office, but even I know that it's always somebodies birthday. 
Stay full and you won't be fooled into eating it. Hungry stomachs give in to temptations.
7. Get a Close Gym
The further the gym, the easier the excuses. Get a gym that's in the building or damn close.
8. Workout During Lunch
That's when I do it. Don't have to wake up earlier. Already have some calories and coffee in me. Work off the stress of the day. And don't have to show up to gym after I'm spent from all the work I've done.
9. Associate with Co-Workers who Like to Stay Fit
In the book Rhinoceros Success, author Scott Alexander says if you want to be a charging rhino, you need to hang with others rhinos. 
Chances are healthy people are also people who have healthy work habits and will help you in your career life as well. Win, win.
10. Bring Food
Fail to Plan, and you Plan to Fail. "Be Prepared" as the boy scouts and Scar from Lion King said.
11. Map out the Healthy Restaurants
Chiptotle, Pita Fusion, there's gotta be something close to you.
Hell, if you have to get fast food. Order a grilled chicken sandwich plain.
12. Drink Coffee
Fights off hunger and keeps you working hard. Another Win/Win.
13. Sit on an Exercise Ball
Keeps your core working the entire time you're sitting. 
14. Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated is important for a number of reasons, so that's a whole blog post unto itself. 
I'm telling you to stay hydrated for an additional reason, the reason being you have to walk to the bathroom more which makes you take more walking breaks.
Genius I know.
Final Thought
Your work 40 days a week sitting, you sit while commuting, you sit while eating, you sit while binge watching netflix, you sit at the movies, you're always sitting, which means these are great rules for you to use all through your life.

They say sitting is the new smoking, and smoking kills. Quit sitting.

Monday, April 25, 2016

12 Facts about Cellulite

If you or anyone you've loved has ever been a victim of cellulite, then... that's normal. But one can one do about it?

Well, much I like I like to wage war against the fitness industry of con men and myths, I'll help you wage war against this evil curse known as CELLULITE.

1) What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is dimples in your fat. That's it.

It's nothing more than fat under your skin that's pushing out and creates the ugly cellulite look.

2) How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Get rid of the fat, you'll get rid of the cellulite.

Yep, that's it. That simple, yet that difficult for many.

3) Don't use Liposuction

Liposuction only sucks out the fat, not the cellulite underneath. And will actually make it look worse.

The horror stories of post lypo work will be an article unto itself.

4) The Cellulite Industry wants to Rip You Off

There is no evidence that Cellulite Creams, Rollers, or whatever else work. There is scientific proof that they can have harmful side effects. All Risk-No Gain.

The only guarantee I can give you about any of these products is they will cost money.

5) Once Again, The Only Cure is to Nutrition and Exercise

Remember what I said earlier about the only cure is to lose the fat, I meant it.

6) Cellulite Will Be More Prominent in Some Areas, Thus Will Be Harder to Fight

You can't choose which part of your body you lose fat from. You'll have to lose all the body fat necessary for you to lose that fat from that area, the area that has the the Cellulite.

7) You're a Victim of Your DNA

Like almost everything in fitness, some are more genetically inclined to have it than others. So some will have much more fat and no cellulite, while others can be relatively lean and still have some cellulite.

8) Cellulite is Immortal

It never truly goes away, just harder to see when you lose the weight.

9) Women are Screwed

Once again, women are screwed in the fitness department as women predominantly put on more cellulite than men.

10) Just Add Bad Habits

10) Think of Cellulite as plant. If you'd like it to grow just add bad diets, fad diets, no sleep, smoking, etc.

As if you needed another reason to not do the above. Remember as I said before, Cellulite is an immortal monster. Don't feed the beast.

11) Massage Won't Cure Cellulite

You may have heard massage therapy can make make cellulite diminish.

It's true, but only temporarily, then it goes back to normal.

Chose massage therapy for all the other benefits, not for cellutlite.

12)  Lasers and Science Can't Help You

"Can't the latest research and newest lasers destroy cellulite?" Maybe one day. But today is not that day.

Like I said many times, the only cure is to GET RID OF THE FAT.


Cellulite is a lot like stubborn body fat, slow metabolism, small body parts you wish were bigger, etc. It's just your genetic make up. You can choose to make it better or worse, but basically it's part of you and how you deal with it. Accept defeat and let it takeover, or fight the good fight and keep it in it's place. Yeah, some people have it easier, but you have it easier in other departments.

That's it for this week. Keep sending those questions in and yours may become the next blog post.