Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm Tired of it and I'm Not Putting Up With it Anymore!!


Imagine a place where it's not fair. You eat just as good as others, or even better yet they have better bodies than you. Well guess what, that's the world we live in. You can make excuses that you do just like your friend does and they get good results. Doesn't matter. You gotta work with what you got. Some of got nice arms, but need work on your legs. Some of you have great legs, but need work on your belly. Some look great, but have no strength. Some have lots of strength, but need to lose fat. You have to know what works for you. The only way to get there, is take it all the way to the end. When you're there, then you can assess what you can get away with. Let me tell you my own journey into this.

For a body like this, you got to make sacrifices.

I was on the football team from 7-12th grade. I didn't like football at all, but I kind of felt like it was my ritual into manhood. With all the videogames and comic books I read, I needed something in my life to make me not feel like a 100% NERD. Even though I never played until my senior year thanks to a long overdo growth spurt, I still got a hell of a workout. Just running the drills, sprints, pushing the sled, and sweating all summer in humid Arkansas in football pads kept me at a decent size. Considering I pretty much only ate frozen pizza, Sonic grilled cheese sandwiches, Debbie Cakes, Coke, and cereal with cartoon characters on the box, I needed all the excercise I could get.

You gonna finish that?

It wasn't only physical demanding, it was even more mentally demanding. I got in lot's of fist fights all the way until 11th grade. I had almost everyone on the team go out of their way to let me know they didn't want me there. They didn't just suggest it, they let me know that in those exact words. That I should be hanging out with my nerd friends, not there wasting the team's time. Everything from name calling, to playing pranks on me, to the entire team pelting me with rocks while waiting for the coach to unlock the field house. One guy almost hit me with a cinder block. Thank God my spider sense! The coaches didn't care, they wanted me to leave too. They went out of their way to ambarass me. They would pull me by the ear and walk me around the locker room while the others laughed, or use my name for an inside joke. "FAAAARRRRRMERRRRR!" Uhhhhh, I shutter to this day.

I warned you not to pop your collar!

I stayed with it even though it ended with me having to give up a lot of Friday nights to leave town on a long road trip to stand and watch a bunch of people I hated play sports. Then finally the season would end and it was time for weight lifting and conditioning. I actually liked this. But I was the weakest one there, so I was getting made fun of again even though it was all the luck of genetics. I HAD ENOUGH. I wasn't quitting cause it would only get worse. But what could I do. I was raised by my grandparents and the only advice was to kick their asses when they messed with me. I'd been in plenty of fights and got nothing out of it. They either got broken up after two punches or got ganged up on cause everybody was related to everybody. "Hey! That's my cousin and nephew! Get'em!" The only thing I could do is earn respect. So I started working out every night on my own. Before I went to bed, I would go to the bathroom. Do push-ups, squats, calf raises, stomach crunches. I even did tricep dips on the toilet. Then I would crawl back into my bunk bed. Since I never told my brother what I was doing, I can only imagine what he thought I was up to for an hour in the bathroom every night.

Show me what you got!

After a while I started catching up in strength somewhat with the others. I finally was now gaining respect, even though I didn't like the people who respected me. I was no longer the weakest kid in the weakest training group, I was now the strongest kid in the weakest training group. Fast forward years later and I'm now in better shape than everyone from my high school years. Except for some guy that's on steriods for reasons unknown. When you actually have to work for something you respect it more. People who pay for their own tuition usually show up to class and make good grades, teenagers who work all summer to buy their own car typically clean it every week. Getting where you want to be isn't a 9-day program. It can be 90 or more days depending on how much you put into it. Stop being tired of being tired, and don't put up with the same routine anymore. June is coming up soon, let's get in the best shape of our lives and have the best summer ever!


Snack #2 - 3:00pm
Bag of Homemade Trail
Mix (coconut, almonds,
Kashi Go Lean cereal,
walnuts, sprinkle a few
chocolate chips)

Dinner - 6:00pm
Baked Chicken Breast
Sweet Potato Fries
(baked in the oven with
coating of PAM)
Mixed Grilled Veggies
Bottle of Water

Snack #3 - 9:00pm
Air Popped Popcorn
with drizzled honey
Bottle of Water


Dinner - 6:00pm

Boca Burger

Sweet Potato Fries
(baked in the oven with
coating of PAM)
Mixed Grilled Veggies
Bottle of Water


So like my story you may just be starting out or fallen back far from where you used to be. Don't give up, it may be a long road but the other road is just as long with no destination. Yes, like my story it's also mentally demanding. Changing all your eating habits, your friends questioning you, teasing you. People may not like what you're doing and will try to stop you from your goal from jealousy. Keep going, don't let anything stop you. Time to not put up with it anymore!


White pasta is very similar to White Bread. Breaking down into sugar after you eat it. Go for the darker pasta! The real italian pasta.


Either another story or a No.2 on our FOODS TO AVOID list.


Tell me some stories of obstacles you've had to overcome and how you did it.

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