Sunday, January 8, 2017

Not Working Out is Just as Hard as Working Out

Want to workout and you're too tired. What if I told you it takes the same amount of energy to not workout than it does to workout... Got your attention?

Think about it, you want to workout but don't. Do you automatically get relieved of all this energy and time of working out? No, you're still doing something. Now, you may have saved a lot of physical energy but now you're going to have guilt, regret, and have used the mental energy to lie to yourself and rationalize why you can't workout.

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You can brainstorm for excuses or just do the work.

Ever been unemployed? Was life without ta job fun and relaxing? Stressing about money, your future, resumes, and interviews. It's probably way more work and stressful than most jobs. Same thing when you don't do the things you know you need to do. The more guilty you feel, the more you need to do it.

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Most hope that one day they just feel so guilty they just have to do it. By that point you're so far in the negative side of that receipt it's going to be 10X the work to where you initially wanted to be. Where, if you would've just done it in the beginning you would've had a receipt on calories spent.

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Speaking of 10X, here's a great read

Hell, most of you are literally spending money on the gym and don't go to it. It takes just as much money for a gym membership you go to, as one you don't go to.

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The gym is making plenty of money whether or not you show up

It's like this for everything, that person you wanted to ask out, that career you wanted to try out, that novel you want to write, it goes on and on.

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Quit wasting all that energy on excuses. Does the taste of those Mozzarella sticks last near as long the guilt you keep from eating it? If it does, let me know where you got them.

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You're going to pay a price either way, may as well pay for something you want.

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