Sunday, January 15, 2017


I'm the last guy who would ever write this

I'm not a morning person, I've always told myself that. I've always been that. But recently I've tried doing something different. I now start doing some jumping jacks almost as soon as I get out of bed, and I then engage in some yoga stretches. And I already love the change.

Exercise has been proven to get the brain moving

These too many studies and articles boasting about how much exercise boosts the brain so I'll let you just look them up for your leisure. Let's just say it's very, very, very, significant.

Just promise me you won't use Stephen Hawking as an excuse to not do it.

1st hour is the catalyst for the rest of the day

You ever heard of setting the tone from the beginning? Now the 1st thing you've done is something positive, healthy, and gets the brain going.

How good are you going to feel about the rest of the day now.  It only needs to be 20 minutes, and for that little time donation you get a huge ROI.

Make it easy

Keep the phone far from the your bed and don't check it until after you workout.

Splash your face with water and put on your workout clothes.

Reward yourself

Think of that coffee you're going to immediately after.

That breakfast meal or hot shower. Keep the reward in sight you get for you're morning task.

Do the exercise you enjoy. Swimming, Lifting, Biking, Running, whatever.

New habits should be done 1st.

When overcoming old habits your brain is resistant, so why wait till the end of the day when you're mentally exhausted to try forming a new habit?

Getting up earlier is better in general means less distractions. Now you're up around less gym rats at the gym, more parking spots, less traffic. The earlier you do it the more time for shower, breakfast, meditate, and anything else you need to do.

Go to bed earlier

It's like the old Seinfeld joke about Day Guy vs Night Guy.

Are those few extra YouTube videos or BuzzFeed quiz worth the 1 or 2 of sleep you're going to miss.

Without alarm clock

Use the app to find what the best time to go to bed is for you. You can wake up are the correct sleep cycle so you don't even need to use an alarm clock and get a full sleep.


Thomas Frank has a lot of great tips to help out such as apps to keep you accountable such as an automatic Facebook post about it or having to pay your friends.

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