Sunday, April 3, 2011

Food at a Funeral

I was going move on to the next chapter of our Trap Foods to Avoid this week, but I was inspired to write something else.

My great grandma died and I attended her funeral over the weekend. Thanks for your condolences, but it was her time. When you can't do things yourself that you should be alone to do, it's probably not the best way to spend your golden years.

Anyway, after a long week with a lot of work and little sleep I drive to some place known as Neederland Texas.

Things to keep in mind when under unusual circumstances.

Having to eat on the road I planned accordingly and ate turkey jerky, home made trail mix, protein bars, and an occasionally went by the drive-thru and got a plain grilled chicken sandwich(using the bun only to hold the chicken in place).
Who takes a drink before biting the burger?

By the way if you need some energy, drink coffee and not a red-bull. But if you do drink one though, don't drink the kind with sugar. I was too tired to pour coffee and grabbed a Monster with sugar, I shut down about less than an hour after I drank it.
Don't they sell shirts like this at Hot Topic?

Anyway, after getting a little over 5 hours of sleep I scrambled to get dressed and check out before we were charged again. Yep, still no sleep. We drove to a large expensive house that was owned by a relative I've never heard of or met.
Getting homesick...

I was then greeted by dozens of people I don't know but apparantly knew my brother and I. As they were telling me their names that I won't remember I noticed food was set up everywhere. Macaroni, pie, cake, stuffed sausage, etc. Baically nothing healthy.

The fat to taste ratio doesn't work for on this type of food.

So not to offend this family I had just met I decided to eat the food to appease them. Everytime I thought I'd eaten enough they made me try another pie. I'm such a stickler to diet it was killing me to do this.

But...if you eat well all week and work out on a great program, you can get away with something like this. So I had cheat meal for the week. Even though I'd rather waste my cheat meal on a pizza.

But when you cheat...don't binge!

Got teased for eating well. I kept hearing things like "Don't worry we got healthy food for ya'll." Sad fact about eating well. On top of having less choices, giving up your favorite foods, having to go out of your way and plan, and most people won't support you.
...or it's just annoying.

But the weird thing was, all of the other family started taking pictures of me and my siblings at the funeral. I felt kind of embarrassed but I stood there and let them keep doing it. I guess that's what getting in shape does for you.
Be warned: being in good shape will get you a lot of attention.


Breakfast - 7:00am
Whole Wheat Waffles
w/ fresh blueberries and
fat free cool whip
Protein Shake (made
with skim milk)
Tablespoon Flax Oil

Snack #1 - 9:30am
1/2 Peanut Butter
sandwich on whole
wheat bread
Bottle of Water

Lunch - 12:00pm
Grilled Chicken on a
Whole Wheat Wrap with
lettuce, tomato and salsa
Fat Free Yogurt Bottle of

Recipe of the week #2

Spinach, Chicken & Feta Salad: This is a quick and delicious salad that is loaded with protein, vegetables, monounsaturated fats, and blood sugar-controlling vinegar.

• 1 chicken breast, chopped and seasoned to taste
• 2 cups baby spinach
• ½ cup red onion, chopped
• 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
• 1 tbsp balsamic or red wine vinegar
• 2 tbsp feta cheese
• 4 large kalamata olives (optional)
• ¼ cup black beans (optional)

Directions: Mix all ingredients together to make this delicious salad!

For some people, salads don’t seem to hold them over as long as other meals, so adding ¼ cup of black beans can add a small amount of starchy carbs and fiber to keep you fuller, longer. Makes 1 serving.

But most importantly...If you make some, bring it to me!!!!!!!!!!

Final Thoughts
Eating on the road is tough, so are all the other circumstances. But when you work hard and understand your situation you'll always be ready to keep your awesome body.

This Blogs Tip
There is three times as much caffeine in a cup of coffee than there is in one red bull! Clever marketing for red bull would have you believe otherwise.

Next Blog
Food to avoid.

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