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6 Ways to Avoid a Bad Personal Trainer

Things to Look for in a Good Trainer

Why would I as a trainer, give people advice for seeking another trainer.

1) Not everyone lives close enough to train with me.

2) I won't be doing this forever so you'll eventually have to find somebody else.

1) Find a Trainer that's Actually in Shape

Nothing worse than someone in worse shape than you  telling you how to do things.

Even if they're knowledgeable, they lack discipline and it's not inspiring.

But... just because a trainer is in shape, doesn't mean they're a good trainer.

Some just look that way easily because of great genetics. Have any friends like this?

Some take steroids to look that way. If your male trainer is extremely vascular, or unnaturally ripped and buff, than he's on roids.

If your female trainer sounds like James Earl Jones, then she's on roids.

Stay far away from them.

Train with someone that not only looks like a trainer, but trains like a trainer.

2) Don't Fall for Before and Afters

They're very misleading. It's more up to the client to get in good shape than the trainer.

When the client is willing to finally put in the work, than they will lose the weight easily by not eating whatever they come across and actually put some thought into their diet.

It's really mostly a numbers game. If you train a hundred clients, maybe 10-20 will actually lose a good amount of weight. and 1 or 2 will have a break though transformation.

Trust me, I've been doing this for 6 years.

You might ask why I put up before and afters then.

Because it works, and yes it does inspire people.

But it doesn't always mean the trainer is of high quality.

There are trainers that have taken my before and afters and used them on their websites despite not doing the work. There are even trainers that take an after and before and switch them around.

Buyer Beware.

3) Pseudo Science Madmen

A lot of trainers think they're nutritionists despite the fact they only know enough to be dangerous and don't know the first thing about actual science.

-The more over confident they are about things that aren't proven and backed up by scientists, the more you need to run away from them.

-If your trainer believes in juicing or detoxes run away immediately.

-If they speak dismissively of mainstream science, run away.

-If they think the government and big companies are purposely making us fat and sick, run away.

First of all trainers aren't legally allowed to give you nutrition advice unless they have a nutrition certification.

I give advice anyway, but it's mainstream education that's right out of the top books so it's nothing crazy or controversial.

Be like a 5 year old and question everything they say, then you'll really find out what they know.

4) They Don't Take Measurements

It helps you keep progress, it let's you know if the client is following the nutrition program, and if you need to lower or raise calories based on the results.

If they're not measuring, then you should take great MEASURES to distance yourselves from them.

5) The Session is all About Them

It's okay for a trainer to talk about themselves and their goals or whatever. Clients often want to know this stuff, as you're going to become friends as you'll spend a lot of time together.

But some trainers won't stop, they can't shut up about themselves.

Even when they're not talking they're on the phone or staring in the mirror.

Lex Luger Pec Flex 3

6) Where's the Programming

"Today is the 300 workout. 300 of this, 300 of that, 300 everything because today's the 300 workout."

...Why? Did we decide to abandon proper programming in favor of themes?

"Today we're going to run, then we're going to jump a lot, then run some more."

All cardio? Yeah you'll be tired at the end, doesn't mean it was a good workout.

Any idiot could make you workout till you're tired, that's not a program though.

Believe it or not, there's actually successful trainers and gyms where all they do is cheer you on while you do cardio on a treadmill or elliptical.

Trainers should have you on a specific program, since it is PERSONAL training.

You have goals, and your programming should match that.

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Why would you waste your money or time on someone that's not going to get you results?

As often happens with everything from relationships to investing, people don't do their due diligence.

There's too many horror stories to name of bad trainers, the least you can do is make sure you don't fall victim to it.

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