Sunday, January 10, 2016

Build a Butt Workshop

When it comes to having a Butt, there are no but's

Don't look at this while at work

Moving forward, I listed the 5 best Butt Building Workouts there are starting with-

1) Hip Thrusts/Glute Bridges

If you're not doing this workout than you don't deserve to have a butt. This is by far the best butt workout of all time.

Glute Bridges are simple and effective with lots of variations

While squats and deadlifts will work your glutes, that's NOT their main objective.

Squats work your core too, but I don't tell people to do squats for a core workout.

Squats mainly work quads, also gets hamstrings, core, and glutes.

Same with deadlifts, it works glutes, but again that's not it's main objective.

One Legged Hip Thrusts

You can do hip thrusts on the floor or with your upper back on a bench. Load your hips with weight if you're ready for it, if it's your first time just get the motion down with just body weight.

Have your shoulder blades loaded on the bench, load the bar(if using) on your hips, drive your feet through the floor and extend your hips upward.

Protip: Keep your hips extended for 10 seconds on your last rep.

Small girl building a big butt

2) Pendulum Quadriped Hip Extensions

Just like the Hip Thruster, this works both the upper and lower parts of the glutes. That's the good part. The bad part...good luck finding this thing. 

The good news is you can use leg extension machine, cable machine, or any other variety of glute machine to a similar exercise.

3) Back Extensions

I do these mainly for my lower back. But the bonus is like all lower back exercises, it also works the glutes. 2 for 1!

Do them weighted to really build a butt.

4) Squats

Yes, squats help the butt like I said earlier. But really only the lower glutes. Second of all you should already be dong squats. Don't do them for the butt, do them for all the benefits you get.

Build great lean muscle with squats

Add the other glute specific exercises into your workout. Squats are for all the lower body and core, do the glute exercises for your glutes. Don't do either or, do both.

Goblet Squats are great for beginners.

Great one legged variation.

5) Deadlifts

Just like squats, they'll help the glutes but only the lower portion, because once again glutes are not the main objective of deadlifts.

Stiff Legged deadlifts really focus on hamstrings.

Also, like squats, you should be doing some varitey of deadlifts anyway. So combine glute exercises, with a squat exercise, and a deaflit exercise.

These 3 combined will give you not only the butt you thought you could never have, but give you the legs and body you always wanted.

More varieties of deadlifts.

If you want more info, check out Bret Contreas online. He dedicates him self to helping people build glutes. Not something I could imagine a kid wanting to do when they grow up, but he's made a career out of it and help a lot of people so whatever.

Anyway, check his stuff out and I'll check in on you guys next week.

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