Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Best and Worst Motivation


I'm not sure if you've seen the reports and studies, but we humans are insane.

We defy logic.

From what's been reported a human will work harder to not lose $100, than to gain $500!

It would take over $600 to equal losing $100 for most humans.


It means that if you're following logical motivation you're DOING IT WRONG.

Don't go after NEEDS, go after WANTS.


Doctor tells someone they have diabetes and will lose their feet if they don't get their diet together, they nod yes but eat so badly they lose their legs.

Tell that same person they'll have more sex if they get a six pack and they'll work harder to get in shape.


My favorite comedian Patrice O'Neal died of diabetes, the threat of death wasn't a strong enough motivator to change his diet.


Tell someone to lose to start lifting weights to fight off osteoporosis and they'll put it on a bucket list.

Tell someone they'll drive their ex crazy with jealousy if they get in shape and they'll be in the gym tomorrow doing the most extreme workout ever.



Gyms, supplement companies, books, and everything in this god forbidden industry don't market heavily on health and overall well being.

They market all towards the SEX SELLS idea, because... SEX SELLS


So what can we take away from this.

1) Have crazy goals, like doing a fitness competition, becoming an underwear model, competing in an obstacle course, making an ex jealous, anything rather than looking healthier and having a better life.

If you're a mother, don't get in shape to keep up with your kids and stay around in their life longer, workout so your ass looks great in a pair of jeans.

2) You don't go after what you need, You go after what you want.

There are alcoholics that need to stop drinking, but don't.  NEED FAILS

Yet there are billionaires who could live easily off a high 5 figure income, but are obsessed with success and it motivates them to an uncanny income level.  WANT SUCCEEDS

It's not about what's IMPORTANT, It's about what EXCITES you.

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