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Yo yo yo, let's talk one more time about the YoYo effect

If you're going on a diet now, then what do you do after it. Is there a diet season. Starve yourself during summer, then what? Get fat again during the winter?

Here's an idea. Stay in shape all the time!

Don't mess up your metabolsim. When you starve yourself, you starve off muscle. So while you will lose fat, you lose just as much or even more muscle.

Then when you get back to doing that getting fat again, you have less muscle so the way you were eating before is going to make you even fatter.

But you'll probably be binging since you starved yourself so long. Even worse. Don't do that


Out of all the clients I've ever trained, few if any were eating too much.

Typically they eat only a few meals a day, but they're too big, and the calories they put in themselves are trashy, refined, and processed foods.

If you want to try one of those fad diets going on you can, but they're all pretty much the same. LOW CALORIE. In other words, not much to eat.

They all lose weight in the beginning, but not for long. When you drop your calories to such an extreme of course you're going to lose weight. Have you ever noticed after being sick for a few days how much easier it is to spot your rib cage.

Again, it's mostly water an muscle you're losing but if that makes you happy're an idiot, but yeah go for it.

The main point is the diets don't teach you long term skills. You're basically storing fat, starving muscle. Metabolsim slows down, and fat loss is over.

Now you got 2 choices. Go back to getting fat, or starve yourself even further.


How about these 2 choices. Eat the right amount of calories, and exercise more. Sorry if you thought I was going to give you some secret. There's no magic food or time to eat that's going to keep fat off. It's diet and exercise.

But let's look into this further. Lifting weight builds muscle that burns off calories, Cardio burns extra calories, and eating right gives you enough calories to maintain muscle but not so much as to be stored as fat.

The Triple Threat.


Also, don't live and die by the weight scale. The scale doesn't tell you how much of your weight is bones, water, muscle, fat, etc. What's better 115lbs and 36% Body Fat or 148lbs and 16% Body Fat?

Check your body fat every week. That way you know if something is working or not.

If things aren't working how you want them, adjust it. More cardio, more calories, less calories, etc.

There's nothing that just works for everyone. So follow the outline, and modify along the way.


Let this become a habit, over time it will become part of you. Like taking a shower(for most of you anyway). Flossing was hard to get in the habit of doing. I made myself do it long enough to where it's something I always do. Same thing for counting my calories. Never thought I'd actually get to that point. But good habits can be made.


The other good thing about health is besides all the superficial stuff like being attractive to the opposite sex, it also makes you healthy on the inside. By cutting out all those refined sugars, saturated fats, fried foods, you'll actually maybe get to avoid some hospital bills as well.

Trade all those bad foods for more fibrous foods, lean proteins, natural unprocessed foods, and lots of water.


You don't need to follow what Dr. Oz or any of these other MD's say all the time. Making things too complicated. Follow the fundamentals and watch your world change.

Hey, the work will be hard enough. Keep the info light, and exercise heavy!

You can listen to overweight "Health Experts", or someone who's got themself in shape. When I look for info I tend to follow those who are where I want to be.

There's no difference between someone who knows what to do and doesn't do it, and someone who's clueless and doesn't do it.

Make it happen.

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