Sunday, July 24, 2011

Burn more calories

For those that want to earn some BONUS POINTS. I've got your homework assignment for you.

TOP 12

1. Take the stairs or escalator – but climb the stairs while you ride. You’ll get there faster and use your muscles while you’re at it. Just 5 minutes of stair climbing burns 144 calories.

If he can do it you can

2. Don't pile items on the stairs- so you can take them upstairs at once, take them one at a time.

Your leg workout for the day

3. When sitting around while waiting in a doctor’s office, drugstore, or airport, stay on your feet —
standing burns 36 more calories per hour than sitting.

4. Rake leaves instead of using a leaf blower: You’ll burn 50 more calories every half hour.
<strong>#4</strong> Rake leaves to burn 50 calories every half hour
Look how much fun you can be having!

5. Scrub your floors more often. Putting some elbow grease into cleaning floors is more intense than vacuuming — and it makes your floors look better as well.

6. Chew sugarless gum- Research has found that the action of jaw muscles alone burns about 11 calories an hour. So you're welcome for telling you that.

I still can't blow bubbles.

7. Wash your car by hand- instead of taking it through the automatic carwash(like me). You’ll burn an extra 280 calories in an hour.

Everyone washes cars their own way.

8. Play with kids: Random games of basketball, touch football, or tag — or just jumping rope or throwing a ball — will help you use energy and set a good example of active play for the children. Calories burned: 80 to 137 every 10 minutes.

Consider them your other trainers.

9. Walk the halls at work: When you're stuck for ideas at work, get up and walk the halls. Stand and stretch during phone calls. Twice a day, get up and walk to talk to a colleague instead of e-mailing.

Don't listen to him.

10. Get on the ball: Sit on a large stability or Swiss ball while checking e-mail in the evening. It's an easy way to engage all of your muscles for 15 to 20 minutes. Who knows, you might even be inspired to do a few stretches and crunches after you log off.

11. Prep yourself slim: Cooking is a great way to burn calories. Slicing, and Dicing and all that stuff. Because you're in charge of the ingredients, cook with metabolism-boosting ingredients like those from the Active Calorie Diet. Limit takeout and delivery to two meals a week, tops.

12. Play games on the Wii- You know how many nerds...I mean friends of mine stopped playing Wii because it was too exhausting for them. That's how many calories you can lose while still having fun. Get your kids on it too.


Lunch Portion of Dinner Leftovers or Large Batch of Chili, Stew, etc.: A simple way to have a healthy lunch is to make an extra large dinner the night before. Purposefully make your dinner with an extra serving that you simply refrigerate. Come the next morning, you have a healthy lunch already made and packed!
Total Calories For Meal 3: 338

Another option is to make a large batch of chili or beef stew, which can provide you with several lunch servings throughout the week. This is a perfect meal to make on Sunday, providing you lunch for most of the work week!
Here is a delicious chili recipe that fits the bill nicely.

• ~1.5 lbs of lean ground beef, grass-fed if possible
• 1 large onion, chopped
• 1 large green pepper, chopped
• 2 cans stewed tomatoes, 14oz each
• 1 can tomato sauce, 16oz
• 1 can light red kidney beans
• 1 can dark red kidney beans
• 1 can garbanzo beans
• 1 small can of corn
• 2 tbsp chili powder
• 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Directions: Cook the beef, onion, and green pepper in a large skillet over medium heat with 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil. In a large pot combine the tomatoes, tomato sauce, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, corn, and chili powder and cook over medium heat. Do not drain canned goods. Once the beef, onion, and green pepper mixture is thoroughly cooked, add to the large pot. Stir and simmer uncovered for 15 minutes.

Makes 5 servings for men, and up to 10 servings for women.



Scrambled Egg Whites

w/Red Potatoes, Onions, Mushrooms, Veggie Cheese


Snack @10:30

Turkey Jerkey


Bottle of Water


Tuna Wrap



Final Thoughts:

Staying active can do so much more than one would think. Keep active with your daily chores and be a true multitasker.

This Blogs Tip:

Park further away from your destination. Not only will you burn more calories by walking more, you don't spend as much time looking for the perfect parking spot.

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