Sunday, August 6, 2017

Are You Still Trying to Get Abs?

Everybody wants abs, but everybody wants to get them by doing ab workouts.

That's like everybody wanting to get rich, but they don't want to save money.

So you want to workout so hard that you can eat whatever you want?

Fine, go google the Michael Phelps Olympic workout.

Ab workouts are the least important factor when it comes to getting abs.

If we're looking at an 80/20 rule. Calorie Deficit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Stomach crunches

Why should you even do ab workouts? Well, let's be more specific, core workouts.

Stronger core helps in all of your lifts, and protects the spine.

That means it helps with back pain.

But for having a six pack or flat stomach, it doesn't do much there.

You have muscle underneath, that's how you bend and twist. It's just hidden under flab, so you think you don't have them.

If you want sore abs, do lots of crunches.

If you want a strong core, do planks, side planks, bird dogs, and exercises such as those.

If you want to see your abs, then cut down the calories.

And don't do sit ups, they hurt your low back and don't help you get abs either.