Sunday, March 6, 2016

Supplements That Actually Work

My typical review of supplements

Now I'm sure you're used to me trashing supplement companies by now. So let's change things up and actually promote the few useful supplements there are out there.


You should get all your vitamins and minerals from a well balanced diet, but most of you won't do that so take a multivitamin.

For those few of you that do eat a very well balanced diet, a multivitamin won't hurt. Just in case you're somehow missing out on something.

Fish Oils

I could sit here and type all the amazing benefits of fish oils but University of Maryland Medical Center already did that for me. So I shall copy and paste.

– Improving cholesterol levels
– Lowering blood pressure
– Reducing the risk of heart disease
– Ditto for diabetes
– Managing arthritis symptoms
– Preventing osteoporosis
– Reducing the risk of – depression
– bipolar disorder
– schizophrenia
– cognitive decline
– muscular degeneration
– asthma
– breast, prostate and colon cancers

Udo's 3-6-9 Oil Blend is a great supplement to get the correct amount of each.


Why take a pre-workout when you can just drink black coffee? Unless you hate the taste of coffee, just remember that the only thing in the pre-workout making you go crazy is the caffeine. All the rest is a bunch of bullshit and flavorings used to make it not taste as bad and for marketing hype.

Really, it's that hard for you to handle some caffeine?


If you're looking to get strong, put on more muscle, believe or not there's a supplement that actually does that.

Creatine is something your body provides naturally, taking creatine gives you more of that. Kind of like a guy injecting Testosterone, except a) you don't inject anything b) it's not a steroid.

Mark Mcguire said he was just on Creatine. It's good but not that good.

And you don't go back to looking like this when you get off creatine.

For the naysayers, Creatine is one of the most studied supplements out there that has no proven long or short term side effects .

Best of all it's cheap. Just buy the basic Creatine Monohydrate, don't let the sales guy try to talk you into the more expensive kind. They'll tell you they put  ground up dinosaur bones if it helps sell it, but  again it's all marketing hype. The supplement companies do that because they can't make any money off basic inexpensive creatine.

I've used it, and I know it works. If you're thinking about it, try it. Nothing to lose except 20 bucks.

Protein Powder

It's a supplement, not food. If you can't get enough protein into your body with normal foods, use this. Most people struggle with getting enough protein into their diets, so I understand. You should still focus on getting it naturally though.

Don't go crazy buying near $100 canisters of powder. Don't buy cheap either. Some of the the more expensive ones will taste better, mix easier, and have more protein per scoop which makes it easier to mix into foods if you're trying to make something like a protein pancake. If they could just figure out how to not make me dig through for the scooper.

There's a hack.

Bars can be good, but again use them rarely. They can have a lot of fat, sugar, and carbs with them as well.

Only use supplements 1-2 times a day MAX!

Also, most people are lactose intolerant and whey contains dairy... be prepared for possible protein farts.

Vitamin D

Great for bone density, fighting cancer, etc.. You get it from both the sun and food.

The sun? Yes, for dog owners have you ever noticed how your dog likes to just lay around and sun bathe? That's for vitamin D. Though they can't actually absorb it that way because of their fur, which is why you'll see them licking their body to absorb it orally... wait, I'm way off point now.

Vegans definitely need this supplement as it's mostly found in meat and dairy based foods.

Final Thought

So now you see why I rarely recommend supplements. These few that actually work are optional or are used to supplement something you should be getting naturally,

But I do recommend the ones mentioned because a) They actually work b) They're cheap c) Most people need them as most peoples diets are terrible d) and Fish Oil is just too good not to take.

As much as I hate doing self promotion, if you like this blog be sure to subscribe, share, comment, like, any of that stuff. I appreciate it.

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