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Carb Cycling

I've got a lot of questions on this so I've decided to write an entire blog about it. But just remember, as I'll repeat many times throughout.

Two things real quick.

1) If you believe the math in this is too complicated I'll send my 9 year old cousin to your house to help your math because you're half retarded. She'll teach you long division as a free bonus.


Carb cycling is for those already regularly tracking their macro nutrient ratios and have either stumbled into a plateau or are feeling one on the rise.

Only pull this out when necessary. And only follow it for a while, don't live your life off of carb cycling. Do it for a while, get off it, then get back on if needed.

And yes, this pretty much similar to refeeding.

Now without further ado, let me explain this shit.

So let's say you're man dieting on around 3000 calories or woman on 1500 calories.

And let's say you're on a 40/30/30 (Carbs/Protein/Fat) split just for fun. If your ratios are different than obviously alter them as needed super brain.

The man will be eating on maintenance diet 300 carbs/225 protein/100 fat

The woman would have a maintenance diet of 150 carbs/110 protein/50 fat

* Some numbers are rounded off in order to be more easily remembered, so don't get anal

Anyway, now to cut from this point on you should be doing well if you're lifting and cardio are on point.

Now when you finally need to tweak and reduce calories, cut them all from your carbs.

Cut them by 25%, leave the rest the same as you need your protein and fat.

The man will now be eating 225 carbs/225 protein/100 fat

His overall calories have now dropped to 2700, from carb cutting alone.

The woman will now be eating 110 carbs/110 protein/50 fat

The woman's overall calories have dropped to 1330 from carb cutting.

Added bonus is it's now easier to remember your ratios as proteins and carbs are exact same now.

Still with me? This isn't physics.

So you stick on this for a while and probably get all the results you could ever want.


Top 2 reasons you've earned the right to do this are:

1) You've hit two plateaus and have finally needed to do this out of necessity as a final effort
2) You've been logging long and consistently enough to prove you have the skill and discipline to follow this

Now what you will be doing is this. You will cut an additional 25% from the carb amount you're currently eating.

Again, everything else stays the same.

So now the man will be eating 170 carbs/225 protein/100 fat

The man's calories have now dropped to 2480 from additional carb cutting. Over 500 calorie deficit from the beginning.

The woman doing the same will now be eating 80 carbs/110 protein/50 fat

The woman's overall calories have now dropped to 1210. Around a 300 calorie deficit from the beginning. Less cutting than the man, but women have less to cut. I don't want a bunch of women running around on 1000 or less calories starving themselves to get in shape, but only losing muscle. Only cut what's necessary. Nothing more.



You will only eat like this for 3-5 days.

Then you will have 1-2 days of a high carb day.

You will add 15% to your starting carb amount.

The will now eat 345 carbs/225 protein/100 fat

The woman will now eat 125 carbs/110 protein/50 fat

EX. Man eats 3 days at 170, then 1 day at 345

EX. Woman eats 5 days at 80 carbs, then 2 days at 150 carbs

At the risk of over explaining and confusing you, you can also do a 2 day low, 2 day medium, 2 day high

EX. Man eats 2 days at 170 carbs, 2 days at 225 carbs, 2 days at 345

EX. Woman easts 2 days 80 carbs, 2 days 110 carbs, 2 days 150 carbs

So, there it is. Carb Cycling.

Much like reading a book. It's not hard to do, it's just most people don't want to think and would rather just not do it.

Special thanks and shout out to Chris Aceto the author of Everything You Need to Know About Fat Loss and Championship Bodybuilding and Tom Venuto author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Mucscle.

Shout out to my cousin that will teach all the half retards how to do basic math so they can lose weight.

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