Sunday, November 17, 2013

Manipulating Macros

Now we've already discussed the optimum macronutrient ratios for your success in getting the utltimate body. Let's say you follow it, and you're getting great results month after month, everyone notices how great you look, ESPECIALLY YOU, but now there's a problem....

You have finally hit a Plateau! You know, that thing Kurt Cobain was always singing about.

So as I've discussed the typical high carbohydrate approach (50-55% carbohydrates,
30% protein and 15-20% fat) works for most people, but a by lowering
your carbohydrates and upping your protein and fats you can easily break through that wall.

How much manipulation am I talking. How about cutting carbs from 55% to 40%, upping your protein from 30% to 40%, and increasing your 15% fat to 20% fat. Anybody with me here?

The greatest part is you're not going hungry because you're still eating the same amount of calories. All you're doing is manipulating the sources of food. And women often do well at this, being they're masters of manipulation.

But seriously though folks

By cutting down carbs and increasing your protein and fat you will undecidedly gain a metabolic and hormonal advantage over a high carb diet.

So as not to bore you I'll end it here and hope that you take these words and random photos to heart. 'Till next week.

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