Sunday, July 22, 2012


So we live in a day where there's more diets, magazines, websites, exercise equipment, and even apps than ever. Yet the nation is more obese than it's ever been. Hmmm, maybe it just all comes down to proper eating and exercise?

Out of all the people that start a diet only about 5% of them actually get any results. But the results don't last long. Why? Well, let's think about it.

What's a diet? A temporary thing where you take a drastic cut in calorie intake.

Basically starving yourself. What happens when you starve yourself? You go into starvation mode.

What does starvation mode do? It slows your metabolism as to not burn too many calories and keep you alive.

Why is it so worried about keeping you alive? Because your body doesn't know you're trying fit into some skinny jeans for a high school reunion.

Your body thinks that it's still caveman days and doesn't know when the next meal is coming. So it slows calorie burning to keep you alive longer. Rationing out your calories, holding onto your fat.

What it also does is burn off your muscle for more fuel. Meaning that in addition to having less tone and firmness to your body, you also have less muscle to burn your fat.

Muscle burns your fat, because muscle is high maintenance and need a lot of calories to exist. So muscle is constantly burning your calories like a furnace burning coal. So while you're driving, watching TV, reading, sleeping, muscle is always burning calories.

Which means....drum roll....the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, meaning you get a better metabolism. Getting to eat more, and not have to do as much cardio. That's a Win-Win.

If you lose this muscle you will lose a lot weight, but it's not the weight you want to lose.

When people lose weight quickly most of it is either water or muscle, so it's not good.

After the diet is done and the weight loss is achieved what now? That means one of 2 things

1) Time to gorge and give into those cravings.
2) Back to business as usual.

Either way you're metabolism is now worse than it ever was.

So now the result of those two is...

1) Of course it's bad, but it's now with a damaged metabolism so it's even worse.
2) You now are worse than you originally started, you now gain even more weight than you used to when you ate the way you did.

But people do this all the time. Ever notice someone lose weight then gain it back even worse?

Then they repeatably do it over and over again, getting worse and worse. This is what they call the YoYo Effect.

Make a small cut in the amount of calories you eat, and burn the rest off with exercise.

Yeah, that's the answer. I could go into more detail and I will...NEXT BLOG.

For now, just do what I said and eleminate this bad habit of "weight loss".


Turkey Bacon
English Muffin

Peanut Butter
Apple Slices

Grilled Chicken Salad

This Week's Tip:
What are some healthy foods you actually ENJOY eating. Start replacing the food's you eat with healthy alternatives. Sounds simple and obvious, but have you done it yet? Lucky Charms<Oatmeal, Hamburger<Turkey Burger,  Microwave Buttered Pocporn<Air Popped Poporn, French Fries<Sweet Potato Fries.

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