Thursday, June 21, 2012

So now that you know how many calories you need, now you need to log them.

Go to and log your calories in the myplate portion.

The cool thing is most foods are already accounted for so you just enter it what you ate and the portion size.

If it's not there, put it there.

Also, enter in your target amount of calories.

It will try to tell you how many calories you need but don't listen to it, go by the amount calculated from the link I put in the last blog.

Keep track of how you're doing. You'll see a pie chart on the bottom right. You'll want 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat.

You gotta read those food labels as well.

So looking back at what we learned last week let's take it to the next level.

When it comes to protein, you have to make sure it's complete protein. The protein in your oatmeal and rice doesn't count.

Protein must come from animal, milk, cheese, nuts, protein powder or bar.

You can combine other protein sources to create complete proteins.

Beans + Rice
Legumes + Grains
Nuts/Seeds + Legumes/Grains
Meat/Animal Products + Vegetables

Beware when doing this that some of these can end up being high in fat or carbs.

Make sure your protein sources are lean enough so that you don't overshoot your target amount of fat.

When getting carbs, make sure you don't eat any simple carbs after 3.

No complex carbs after 6.

And you should get your biggest amount of carbs during breakfast and your workout.

"But Steve!  How am I supposed to not be hungry if I can't have carbs later in the day?"

You can still have fibrous carbs, meaning vegetables. In fact you can have as many vegetables as you want.

By the way, don't log in your vegetables. They don't factor on account of fiber.

For fat, we'll keep it simple for now. Get your target fat and try to keep it as unsaturated as possible.

Keep your sugar very, very, very low. Sorry Sweet tooth's.

Sodium keep that low too. A teaspoon of salt is your daily limit.

But if you exercise and drink lot's of water you have a lot more leeway.

That's it for this post, let me know if you have any questions.

TIP: Add vegetables to every meal. It will fill you up and keep you from wanting to overeat.

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